Traditional Selling..Old School Business!!

I am a member of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy and last night was our November Founders Call with our co Founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. These are held every first Thursday in the month. These free updates give information as to the status of the software..leaders status and news of up and coming events with occasional interaction from members leaders and of course Mentors.   1622545_10202538890065373_1880342644_o

There was something that so resonated with me last night that I just feel I have to share with you today. As I settled in to listen I was aware of a shift in focus..and a more alignment with personal aspects of the business which were discussed by Stuart. Namely when a person feels held back by beliefs to do with their chosen platform of business. Perhaps someone isn’t making things happen because they have no confidence in the integrity of the business. Something is niggling peace of mind. Perhaps the legality of the platform or transparency. Some of the statistics may not add up and this then generates feeling unfulfilled and returns to disbelief in the system,hence the unhappiness escalates..and people fail as they are always chasing the money..and this is across the board in Internet Marketing ..Direct Sales MLM etc.

People want to feel secure in their chosen platform and know that its moving with the times both legally and ethically. People now want a lot more transparency. More belief and more backing. Its not just about the lists products or service its about being recognized that your platform is in it for the long haul and that they invest time money and resources into giving you opportunities to share and care for your clients.

Now we have the big transition from traditional ways of doing business into the digital way of doing business. Traditional requires investment..people..stock and premises. Digital requires no bricks and stock holding and no staff, hence the overheads are a lot less for Business start up, nevertheless a budget is required for advertising and equipment i.e phone and computer. You can start up an online Business from home. This is where the fun begins. Many Small Businesses get funding and help to start them on their way and plenty of hope passion and enthusiasm are needed just the same as an online Business, however when old school and new transitions meet there are beliefs held  about the ethics and legalities regarding internet marketing as some sites and opportunities are questionable to say the least. Stuart explained how Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy are about to change the way traditional Businesses can be assisted to get their products and services out there across the internet and generate them additional income streams and leverage all from a brand new platform now generated open and available to the Small Business owner, giving them just as much muscle and power to accumulate more than one paycheck..but several..all by the power of an advertising platform currently being Beta tested within the community here with us at the SFM/DEA .


Through Stuarts contacts with many Business owners and discussions with members, he discovered that many just dont have the access or the know how as to keep afloat when times are tough!! The traditional way of doing business is no longer BIG business and squeezes many OUT of business. so he got to thinking and brainstorming with his tech team as to how this could change and as to how SFM/DEA could help. Many are reliant on one mainstay and when this suffers so does the business. The digital side of trading products and services enable you to have many other avenues depending on what you personally want to do. We all need to see that Old School Traditional ways of doing business are not the progressive and lucrative places they once were..and we all need help in understanding how the changes can benefit them and stay above water with their finances. Stuart has built a new way forward for small businesses to stay on track with new platforms of advertising coaching and help and support all at your fingertips.. and with ease as time is precious and resources are budgeted.

I for one am really excited about this and as Stuart was guiding us through the process..I had a feeling that so many will be rescued and given a chance to thrive instead of dive. Soon I will be sharing this new Simple Tool with stay eyes peeled..I promise I wont hide anything from you, and if your interested you can have access to it for 30 days absolutely you really cant get better than that!! Its people like Stuart our Mentor and Co founder who are trail blazers and Entrepreneurs of the Digital Future ..paving the way for everyone who wants success to be able to reach out and grab it..for this we here at the SFM/DEA are truly grateful and thankful because without these movers and shakers life would be so OLD SCHOOL!! sorry but we just have to move on succeed and prosper with the times!!

To your continued success