What would you say to some intimate chat?

What would you say to some intimate chat?

Now dont get me wrong here, the kind of chat I am on about doesn’t have to take place without your clothes!! but if your more comfortable then do as you please.. :) This conversation is going to be all about relationships..not particularly as man woman..woman woman man man..but the kind of relationship you would like to have with your co workers..ouch! and there’s the clanger!..

You know the one’s..you get to work late and the guy that never goes out or has a social life immediately says to you..”Did you have problems finding the office when leaving from a different address this morning” ? or your boss tells you to not bother with your hair as it doesn’t look like you have made an effort anyway!! The only thing that makes you paranoid is the relationships in the office that are slightly mad and off the wall..most people you work with, if in a small office, get to know you pretty well inside and out after awhile..do you want to step out and be noticed everyday..or would you like to be more flexible..where would you like to work?

Whether your in or out of a relationship..when you come in swearing about your parents..or you just had the baby be sick all down you as you were leaving and you didn’t have time to change, so everyone is giving you a wide berth for the rest of the day as the air gets ever warmer in the office space that you share!! baby sick, ain’t no perfume/aftershave that disguises that! Also if you have been away from home on a date night..you are definitely going to look and act different when you arrive in the morning..  :)  and the grumpy guy in the car park who stole your parking space is even going to get a hello and a smile from you.  :)  The kids may have broken something or missed the bus and need a lift home..or your spouse may have had an accident..really everything and anything can happen in the time zone of doing a 9 to 5 and many motions behind emotions will be revealed..does this cause you stress??

When your guard is down you may slip that you quite fancy the new person in the office next door..or the new person on reception..giving these tell signs that your looking!! it maybe just window shopping but never the less you now are landed with the title of “Looking but not available”..which ever be on your guard that someone will have a great memory and let you down at the most inopportune moment, usually the office party or get together as you left with the boss or worse still had to be carried and put in a cab!! oh the joys of the office party bash……

I really have to say I dont miss the office association..and having to put on a brave face when I didn’t want to..or being told that I am working late for the foreseeable future until all work is completed..then your boss gets on a plane and arrives looking smug as all your hard work he/she is taking credit for sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere..and announces..

Now there is something I do miss and that’s the chats like we are having here right now..you know the ones..over coffee or perhaps a glass of wine drunk with lunch so that you  have someone keep an eye on you so  you dont fall asleep when the end of year accounts are announced and wake your self up snoring and dribbling down your shirt or top..these connections are precious and can be very intimate..as the office is where you spend the majority of your day and so we see the morning person..the not morning person..the coffee first then talk to me person..the afternoon person who is always better tempered after a meat pie and chips with red sauce on his tie..or maybe the person who sees its 10 to 5 and decides to say hello to you after 8 hours of ignoring you..there are many types of people that make up an office working environment..and I am sure you could name many more here..so where am I going with this conversation I hear you ask..after all your ready for some intimacy here and I haven’t really got down to business with you yet……


Let me ask you a personal question..what do you expect from your work colleagues ..are you in a work alone environment or in an office situation..which do you prefer..?? do you even like working in a company ? would you like to work alone, but as part of a team.. what if I was to tell you that your colleagues would all be happy..and more than willing to help you when required..and a community to be proud of belonging to ..where the hang outs are the place to be seen in..

You see at this moment I could be sitting typing this on my laptop in my onesie and matching slippers..or perhaps a silk gown with pearls and pink bower..my point is working from home gives me intimate contact with all my business associates all over the world..last Thursday I was speaking to one of my down under associates while she was feeding the baby and typing messages with one hand..there is no barriers to our contact here what ever day or night or attire..

Take yesterday for instance..I walked my dog had breakfast..then started my work in the next room to my bedroom( now converted to my office)..I had some lovely music playing, my favorite juice brought up from the kitchen and just started my day with a smile as outside the rain was beating against my window..I can so remember the office commute, first a walk to the station..then the underground crush..the garlic and body odour!!…the never getting a seat days…well need I go on here?..not having to leave my home when the weather is really bad is such a bonus I really cant tell you..whenever the weather is challenging your first priority is getting into work or there will be hell to play..and this reaction is what you normally experience……..

You see I can’t see you but I feel I know you so well..we haven’t even met but this connection we have here is very strong..and I feel all I have discussed resonates with you deeply..so we have began our journey of already having experienced so much together although apart..if you get my meaning..so do you want more now I have your attention?

Well let me let you into a little secret..between you and me I dont work from any busy people filled office anymore or have a boss..an office moan or a tea lady which brings sticky buns at 11am..what I do have is my freedom to work when I want and how long I want to..to spend time with my family when I want to..to have a holiday when I want to..to hang around with associates with a community of entrepreneurs when I want to..and expand my skillsets and mindsets when I want to..to up my advertising budget to get better results when I want..you see I am totally workforce environment free..now dont get me wrong..this isn’t for everyone..but if your still with me here something has stirred inside you..something has lit a light bulb in your head..something along the way of this blog has given you ideas!! and now you want more..well I can do that..but first best put your clothes back on..as we are nearly finished here.. :)

Click this link that will take you to a very informative person in his 30′s who  is financially and time free ..his name is Stuart Ross and is co founder of Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy, you see Stuart got so sick of the rat race working 80hrs as an estate agent and having very little to show for it if the deals were not lucartive,  he decided to do something about it..he wanted time freedom and leverage so that he wasn’t constricted to one paycheck..in others words giving all his time for one payment at the end of the month was really getting him down..so he formalized a way of building several ways of getting money through a proven system of education and coaching..and has built it up over the last 4 years to the credibility it has today along with the other co founder Jay Kubassek,he will explain everything beautifully to you..you see Stuart is very passionate about who he works with and so am I..but when he sees I have sent you he will be most accommodating with his information he is going to share..and will explain all to you about a laptop lifestyle like I live at present..does this sound good to you? would this be something you could do?

From here there is an application pack which is $29.95 this gives you access to me and so much more..but beware this is the start of something big..something that could free you from all shackels of conformity and life as you know it..and we could talk one on one..


I just want to say how much I have enjoyed my time with you here..its been great sharing and learning about each other..lets do more of this..because in all honesty its people like you who deserve this opportunity that I want to work with..if you look at all the great stuff I have to offer here..you can tell I am serious about my life..and I so hate time wasters as I am sure you do to..

Its time for me to go now..have a great weekend and speak soon..

Warm wishes of a life on your terms..gained through living a digital life..