Stepping up!

Having my cake and eating it too!

The picture you see here is my little son and my precious Westie  :)

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In the last 15 years many things have happened to me,  life dished up its various dishes of sweet and sour, and I thank God and all who have supported me in some shape or form for their love and guidance and patience. I am thankful and grateful each and everyday for my life and people in it, all of which have a vital part to play in my journey of growth and contribution to this world. For me there was a time when all my identity disappeared, all my intentions subsided and reality became a dark and frightening place to be. I thought there was little purpose in going on, but I gained strength from somewhere and held strong my faith in a brighter tomorrow, I was ever seeking some light to come into my darkness and my prayers where answered, in ways I didnt always see. As they say you cant see the picture when your in the frame.

For me life now is vastly different and thats through making better choices and decisions, not living under others rules or hiding in the shadows so as not to attract attention. The feeling is beyond explanation or description. I started to break out of my hermit shell and sample some freedom. First and foremost the people who helped me up where my human angels in disguise, they saw so much more than I could in my frozen world and slowly the ice started to melt. They wrapped me in bubble love and gave me encouragement and safety to start to feel whole again.  I saw their compassion and the need there was for these angels on a global scale, I knew I wanted to pay back and pay forward for the rest of my life and these people were the sole reason I was still here, still alive, from that day forward my mission began to reach out and help others the way they did me. I wanted to be the one that held that lost and lonely persons hand and said ” Its going to be alright, you will see “.. I felt the sun on my face for the first time and basked in all its glory, I actually started to think about how vast the world really is and of the potential out there, I was feeling  the true large expansiveness not the insular small I was so used to for the last 10 years. The past was not going to determine my future and my strength was about to be tested. As I said goodbye to my dear mum, I felt the feelings all have of being parentless and alone for the first time in your life when your parents die, this feeling is a very strange internal wake up call, and as the only child what happened next was all up to me. As I left the nursing home that cold night in Novemeber I knew life would be so different now.

That was almost 3 years ago and since then I have joined the SFM/DEA Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy education platform community and become an affiliate member, where I study and implement marketing/branding and all things mindset, gained a Life Coach Diploma, graduated with Robbins Madanes Training in Strategic Intervention Coaching, gained so much knowledge and helped many people who where in the same frozen existence. I am humbled that all the people now in my world truly do care and love me, and for this I am eternally grateful. This platform is a vital lifeblood to me and my business as a Coach/Mentor.

I am me and how I live my life now is in an ever abundant state of creation. I know that all I do and all the decisions I make come from the heart, all the people I meet have one thing in common, a real life struggle or achievement behind them or in more cases before them. We none of us know what life holds, but we can pull on the wealth of experience and knowledge we have and yes unfortunately many will keep making the same mistakes and not be free. As I learn and grow each day with my new found work as a Digital Entrepreneur I am filled with wonder about where this new revolution is going. There are endless possibilities out there and none of them relate to age gender or creed. I have found a home here of my own creation but with help and guidance with all things techy, as this is ever a learning curve, but a worth while achievement to behold. I honestly love writing and never pictured myself at a computer in my PJ’s writing this to you this morning.. :) but the wonders of this platform of education have given us all in this community a voice and presence so that we may help others to do the same.

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Thanks for reading my post, and if some of it has given you a hand up then my mission to join with you and connect with you has been fulfilled today.  On a rather dull day here on the West Coast of trusted four footed friend ever faithful by my side as I write this and ever patiently waiting a walk on the Cardigan Bay Coastline which we will no doubt visit at some point today.   The joys of having this facility and being able to post to you has been brought by the magic of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. They have transformed my world and made it easy to reach you wonderful people out there. another blessings to be grateful for.   :)

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Have a wonderful Day and I will see you all again soon  :)