Summer..ah such sweet parting sorrow!!



I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Summer is about to depart for another year!

This time of year is usually a reflection on the year and whats gone well or whats still not succeeded for you, and Christmas is around the corner whether we like it or not!. There is a case of the post holiday blues especially when returning from the glorious break  you planned all year to have, now its over, all you want to do is go again. Most people do book their next holiday on return as they just have to have something to work towards for all the effort time and life they give to their jobs! Are you considering changing your career, starting out on your own, most people have these feelings on return from the summer break, a different outlook can bring up many things that aren’t serving you in your present work place, or you have had a million dollar making idea whilst sipping your chosen cocktail. Either way you may be asking whats out there? where do I start looking? I remember that being me back in August 2012. I wanted changes that suited my family. I needed to get some new skills and information as to how to go about it.  First lets do some fact finding.

We have four months left of 2015 and what has your year been like? time for some questions to see how your doing, lets do it with a view to being able to make some changes if necessary or to celebrate if this year has been the best in your life so far.. a Big High five if this is you. If its not, let me guide you through some shifts you need to make in order to change some things in your life even if you are successful :D  I want to give you a chance to be open and honest and compare old traditions of making a living with new ways of living a life by your design. This could well be the best blog you have come across if your looking at this moment, if it seems your disheartened with your circumstances but have no idea how to make this happen! Today could be a Landmark Day for you. Ready ? then lets begin with some questions: Answer them either on paper or in your head. If on paper you will soon see how this year has or has not worked out for you in your chosen field.

1 Where are you in life.?

2. Where do you want to be. ?

3. I am getting there but not as quick as I would like.

4 I am not getting anywhere

5 I feel so lost and stuck.


What are your core beliefs on being confident and worthy at successfully working for yourself.

1. I am worthy and confident

2 I think I am worthy but not sure

3 I have never felt confident or worthy

4 Whats worthy feel like?

5 No idea where to start.


How do you feel about your present circumstances?

1 Fantastic and getting better by the day!

2. Its ok, I guess could do better.

3 I am not happy with any of it, but I dont know how to change it?

4 I give up on trying to be happy!


If money was no object what would you do to change your circumstances?

1. Move country, buy a house, boat, villa etc..sail the seven seas.

2. Improve or sell your current home, buy a house, help friends and family, pay bills.

3. Set up a Patronage for a worthy cause to ensure you leave a lasting legacy to others.

4 All of the above, plus much more!

You will see by your answers that you pretty much know the life you are living and the life you want to live.


So lets get down to actual reality, the following may seem obvious to state but its a real issue when people do not see opportunities for change and think there is one way and that is of the traditional way of making a living against the freedom a leveraged digital life gives you. Lets look at a typical day in the life of a worker for a company.

You work hard for your company, give all your time for money usually one paycheck, sometimes 40 50 60 hours a week, stick to deadlines, have a specified amount of time for breaks ( if your lucky) have to take holidays at strategic times in the year if that’s ok with the Boss or the company that is. Your free time is spent rushing to be friends, gym or activity of your choice, home and bed. Treadmill days..

Taking time off if your family needs you is looked upon as an inconvenience , sickness death etc is all looked upon as something to be got over quickly so you can return to being the title they pay you for, and think your worth, and you should be exceedingly grateful for it.

You are required to comply with all changes regardless of their benefit to you., and be totally integrated so that nothing comes before your work as your basically owned.



Harsh? well most of the traditional ways of working encompass all of the above. Its terms and conditions of working for someone else. This was the way of the world and how the 1% got wealthy and the rest got a job and a living to get by on. By joining the rat race 9 to 5 sect most thought this would lead to success and financial significance. Employed means being totally depended upon for creating someone elses dreams.  If you own your own company and your giving all your time for money this again means the business only runs successfully while you are able to give it all the time you can.  My partner and I ran a Franchise Delivery Company  and a Building Company, we thought this was the meaning of leverage,  we thought this would give us more time together and we would be in control. In fact it ended up being a worse job! We never hardly saw each other unless we shared a load delivery!  Sadly with all the stress my partner died of a massive heart attack at 49. We never got to live the life we had so dreamed of together with time and valuable friends and family. If this is you, seriously seek out another way, we get with our partners to have a quality of life not to spend it working and give our loved ones whats left of our day. Life doesnt have to be this way.

Lets look at the digital economy and how its turned most of our old ways of making a living into The Digital Revolution.

Now lets look at the ways of a Digital Entrepreneur as opposes the traditional.

Uses leverage of time as the store front of a Website is open 24/7 no need for continual manning, hence less hours but more sales, if the software and advertising are successful. Needing time off for family or sickness, you chose. Need holidays, you chose time and place, your business your choices, flexibility of taking your office with you where ever you go as long as you have internet connection and a phone. This way you keep in touch with all whats happening and deal with it all in one place, and that is where ever you are. Sounds simple? there is work to be done.


With the internet the age of the world being flat has returned, dont get me wrong having a job and giving a service is vital and we need people to do this. However those who wish to create their own business through this modem are fast becoming the shape shifter’s into the next realm of being your own Boss and beyond. With the advent of digital products and software, servicing clients has never been so easy, money changes hands in a blink and the product can be downloaded or shipped within the same day or 3 pending item and chosen platform of purchase. All it takes it some research and due diligence to find out how this can work for you.

Now lets also look at the education we are offering our children. Never before has there been such a shift in how we can make money and all children have access to a device that is a computer, and that is a iphone or smart phone. These amazing gadgets can generate an income alone as they have all the components needed to run a business from. However we still run from the old way of teaching and never have mindset or digital skills of entrepreneur ship written into the curriculum. We send off our children to Universities only to discover that 27% of the leavers when qualified ever get a position in the field they trained in. Most leave with huge debts that they start their lives with. There is a need to seriously update our education. In this year of 2015 it is reported that most households own at least 5 devices which the world can be viewed on at your fingertips. the world and all its wonders is a click of a touch screen or button.

Understanding this can be a whole new concept to get your head round, especially those of us born in the Baby Boomer times, But seriously dont let that stop you from taking the initiative. Many view this platform as a brighter future with more control, time and financial choices. as with all serious businesses there is time effort and investment needed, but the results are all yours to keep. Its a way of creating a lifestyle with better choices, freedom of time, security travel and fun, which ever way you chose to live it. Its a big pull on most heart strings to be able to do this.

If in this  article there are thoughts and words that resonate with you regarding your life at present, then start to explore more ways of being able to live a more happier existence, a better perspective and a life long journey.  We create our reality by choices and decisions we make daily. We all have significant emotional events that build our character from which our beliefs and patterns are made. By getting more information education and knowledge for your future you make better choices to ensure you live your life to its full potential.

I hope you found this article of interest and it made you think of what you will do with your Digital Life.

Here is to your continued success.


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