Summer..ah such sweet parting sorrow!!



I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Summer is about to depart for another year!

This time of year is usually a reflection on the year and whats gone well or whats still not succeeded for you, and Christmas is around the corner whether we like it or not!. There is a case of the post holiday blues especially when returning from the glorious break  you planned all year to have, now its over, all you want to do is go again. Most people do book their next holiday on return as they just have to have something to work towards for all the effort time and life they give to their jobs! Are you considering changing your career, starting out on your own, most people have these feelings on return from the summer break, a different outlook can bring up many things that aren’t serving you in your present work place, or you have had a million dollar making idea whilst sipping your chosen cocktail. Either way you may be asking whats out there? where do I start looking? I remember that being me back in August 2012. I wanted changes that suited my family. I needed to get some new skills and information as to how to go about it.  First lets do some fact finding.

We have four months left of 2015 and what has your year been like? time for some questions to see how your doing, lets do it with a view to being able to make some changes if necessary or to celebrate if this year has been the best in your life so far.. a Big High five if this is you. If its not, let me guide you through some shifts you need to make in order to change some things in your life even if you are successful :D  I want to give you a chance to be open and honest and compare old traditions of making a living with new ways of living a life by your design. This could well be the best blog you have come across if your looking at this moment, if it seems your disheartened with your circumstances but have no idea how to make this happen! Today could be a Landmark Day for you. Ready ? then lets begin with some questions: Answer them either on paper or in your head. If on paper you will soon see how this year has or has not worked out for you in your chosen field.

1 Where are you in life.?

2. Where do you want to be. ?

3. I am getting there but not as quick as I would like.

4 I am not getting anywhere

5 I feel so lost and stuck.


What are your core beliefs on being confident and worthy at successfully working for yourself.

1. I am worthy and confident

2 I think I am worthy but not sure

3 I have never felt confident or worthy

4 Whats worthy feel like?

5 No idea where to start.


How do you feel about your present circumstances?

1 Fantastic and getting better by the day!

2. Its ok, I guess could do better.

3 I am not happy with any of it, but I dont know how to change it?

4 I give up on trying to be happy!


If money was no object what would you do to change your circumstances?

1. Move country, buy a house, boat, villa etc..sail the seven seas.

2. Improve or sell your current home, buy a house, help friends and family, pay bills.

3. Set up a Patronage for a worthy cause to ensure you leave a lasting legacy to others.

4 All of the above, plus much more!

You will see by your answers that you pretty much know the life you are living and the life you want to live.


So lets get down to actual reality, the following may seem obvious to state but its a real issue when people do not see opportunities for change and think there is one way and that is of the traditional way of making a living against the freedom a leveraged digital life gives you. Lets look at a typical day in the life of a worker for a company.

You work hard for your company, give all your time for money usually one paycheck, sometimes 40 50 60 hours a week, stick to deadlines, have a specified amount of time for breaks ( if your lucky) have to take holidays at strategic times in the year if that’s ok with the Boss or the company that is. Your free time is spent rushing to be friends, gym or activity of your choice, home and bed. Treadmill days..

Taking time off if your family needs you is looked upon as an inconvenience , sickness death etc is all looked upon as something to be got over quickly so you can return to being the title they pay you for, and think your worth, and you should be exceedingly grateful for it.

You are required to comply with all changes regardless of their benefit to you., and be totally integrated so that nothing comes before your work as your basically owned.



Harsh? well most of the traditional ways of working encompass all of the above. Its terms and conditions of working for someone else. This was the way of the world and how the 1% got wealthy and the rest got a job and a living to get by on. By joining the rat race 9 to 5 sect most thought this would lead to success and financial significance. Employed means being totally depended upon for creating someone elses dreams.  If you own your own company and your giving all your time for money this again means the business only runs successfully while you are able to give it all the time you can.  My partner and I ran a Franchise Delivery Company  and a Building Company, we thought this was the meaning of leverage,  we thought this would give us more time together and we would be in control. In fact it ended up being a worse job! We never hardly saw each other unless we shared a load delivery!  Sadly with all the stress my partner died of a massive heart attack at 49. We never got to live the life we had so dreamed of together with time and valuable friends and family. If this is you, seriously seek out another way, we get with our partners to have a quality of life not to spend it working and give our loved ones whats left of our day. Life doesnt have to be this way.

Lets look at the digital economy and how its turned most of our old ways of making a living into The Digital Revolution.

Now lets look at the ways of a Digital Entrepreneur as opposes the traditional.

Uses leverage of time as the store front of a Website is open 24/7 no need for continual manning, hence less hours but more sales, if the software and advertising are successful. Needing time off for family or sickness, you chose. Need holidays, you chose time and place, your business your choices, flexibility of taking your office with you where ever you go as long as you have internet connection and a phone. This way you keep in touch with all whats happening and deal with it all in one place, and that is where ever you are. Sounds simple? there is work to be done.


With the internet the age of the world being flat has returned, dont get me wrong having a job and giving a service is vital and we need people to do this. However those who wish to create their own business through this modem are fast becoming the shape shifter’s into the next realm of being your own Boss and beyond. With the advent of digital products and software, servicing clients has never been so easy, money changes hands in a blink and the product can be downloaded or shipped within the same day or 3 pending item and chosen platform of purchase. All it takes it some research and due diligence to find out how this can work for you.

Now lets also look at the education we are offering our children. Never before has there been such a shift in how we can make money and all children have access to a device that is a computer, and that is a iphone or smart phone. These amazing gadgets can generate an income alone as they have all the components needed to run a business from. However we still run from the old way of teaching and never have mindset or digital skills of entrepreneur ship written into the curriculum. We send off our children to Universities only to discover that 27% of the leavers when qualified ever get a position in the field they trained in. Most leave with huge debts that they start their lives with. There is a need to seriously update our education. In this year of 2015 it is reported that most households own at least 5 devices which the world can be viewed on at your fingertips. the world and all its wonders is a click of a touch screen or button.

Understanding this can be a whole new concept to get your head round, especially those of us born in the Baby Boomer times, But seriously dont let that stop you from taking the initiative. Many view this platform as a brighter future with more control, time and financial choices. as with all serious businesses there is time effort and investment needed, but the results are all yours to keep. Its a way of creating a lifestyle with better choices, freedom of time, security travel and fun, which ever way you chose to live it. Its a big pull on most heart strings to be able to do this.

If in this  article there are thoughts and words that resonate with you regarding your life at present, then start to explore more ways of being able to live a more happier existence, a better perspective and a life long journey.  We create our reality by choices and decisions we make daily. We all have significant emotional events that build our character from which our beliefs and patterns are made. By getting more information education and knowledge for your future you make better choices to ensure you live your life to its full potential.

I hope you found this article of interest and it made you think of what you will do with your Digital Life.

Here is to your continued success.


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There must be something better out there..

How many times do we say this?? Would you choose Passion over Paycheck?



When Monday comes around do you relish the thought of returning to work ? are you filled with joy at the thought? or filled with dread when Sunday night disappears into the dawn of another week. Does it make you tired even thinking of another week of travel, meetings, customers, etc. This link is all about why in this age of social media and social networking its never been so easy to make that move out of discord into delight when discovering the possibilities out there as an alternative to the 9 to 5 ..

Times are changing and life can be good when you realize there is so much more opportunities education and Coaching to be had that will lead you to a more passionate life, living it the way you chose to.

Take the initiative and see whats out have nothing to lose by looking. The next move you make could be the last one you will ever need.

I look forward to meeting you.  

Stepping up!

Having my cake and eating it too!

The picture you see here is my little son and my precious Westie  :)

2014-05-30 13.24.06




In the last 15 years many things have happened to me,  life dished up its various dishes of sweet and sour, and I thank God and all who have supported me in some shape or form for their love and guidance and patience. I am thankful and grateful each and everyday for my life and people in it, all of which have a vital part to play in my journey of growth and contribution to this world. For me there was a time when all my identity disappeared, all my intentions subsided and reality became a dark and frightening place to be. I thought there was little purpose in going on, but I gained strength from somewhere and held strong my faith in a brighter tomorrow, I was ever seeking some light to come into my darkness and my prayers where answered, in ways I didnt always see. As they say you cant see the picture when your in the frame.

For me life now is vastly different and thats through making better choices and decisions, not living under others rules or hiding in the shadows so as not to attract attention. The feeling is beyond explanation or description. I started to break out of my hermit shell and sample some freedom. First and foremost the people who helped me up where my human angels in disguise, they saw so much more than I could in my frozen world and slowly the ice started to melt. They wrapped me in bubble love and gave me encouragement and safety to start to feel whole again.  I saw their compassion and the need there was for these angels on a global scale, I knew I wanted to pay back and pay forward for the rest of my life and these people were the sole reason I was still here, still alive, from that day forward my mission began to reach out and help others the way they did me. I wanted to be the one that held that lost and lonely persons hand and said ” Its going to be alright, you will see “.. I felt the sun on my face for the first time and basked in all its glory, I actually started to think about how vast the world really is and of the potential out there, I was feeling  the true large expansiveness not the insular small I was so used to for the last 10 years. The past was not going to determine my future and my strength was about to be tested. As I said goodbye to my dear mum, I felt the feelings all have of being parentless and alone for the first time in your life when your parents die, this feeling is a very strange internal wake up call, and as the only child what happened next was all up to me. As I left the nursing home that cold night in Novemeber I knew life would be so different now.

That was almost 3 years ago and since then I have joined the SFM/DEA Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy education platform community and become an affiliate member, where I study and implement marketing/branding and all things mindset, gained a Life Coach Diploma, graduated with Robbins Madanes Training in Strategic Intervention Coaching, gained so much knowledge and helped many people who where in the same frozen existence. I am humbled that all the people now in my world truly do care and love me, and for this I am eternally grateful. This platform is a vital lifeblood to me and my business as a Coach/Mentor.

I am me and how I live my life now is in an ever abundant state of creation. I know that all I do and all the decisions I make come from the heart, all the people I meet have one thing in common, a real life struggle or achievement behind them or in more cases before them. We none of us know what life holds, but we can pull on the wealth of experience and knowledge we have and yes unfortunately many will keep making the same mistakes and not be free. As I learn and grow each day with my new found work as a Digital Entrepreneur I am filled with wonder about where this new revolution is going. There are endless possibilities out there and none of them relate to age gender or creed. I have found a home here of my own creation but with help and guidance with all things techy, as this is ever a learning curve, but a worth while achievement to behold. I honestly love writing and never pictured myself at a computer in my PJ’s writing this to you this morning.. :) but the wonders of this platform of education have given us all in this community a voice and presence so that we may help others to do the same.

2014-03-18 13.26.06

Thanks for reading my post, and if some of it has given you a hand up then my mission to join with you and connect with you has been fulfilled today.  On a rather dull day here on the West Coast of trusted four footed friend ever faithful by my side as I write this and ever patiently waiting a walk on the Cardigan Bay Coastline which we will no doubt visit at some point today.   The joys of having this facility and being able to post to you has been brought by the magic of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. They have transformed my world and made it easy to reach you wonderful people out there. another blessings to be grateful for.   :)

If you want to know more about me there is plenty here on my pages, if you want to discover more of what we do   CLICK HERE

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Have a wonderful Day and I will see you all again soon  :)


An Evening with Jay Kubassek!!

10 Years… 10 Lessons..with Jay Kubassek

Hello and a warm welcome here to my latest post. Last Friday evening I was priviledged to spend some quality time with Jay Kubassek on a Training Webinar for Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy 90 Day Challenge. What is this I hear you ask and who is Jay Kubassek?? I have included a link below his picture.. Jay Kubassek has been in my life for the past 2 years as a Mentor and is one of the Co founders with Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy. Jay is a very successful Digital Entrepreneur earning millions in his businesses and teaching others to do the same. He has been in the online marketing business for the last 10 years and together with Stuart Ross  ( other Co Founder ) has put together an affiliate and re sell program that excells all others out there, for marketing tools coaching and education to ensure a successful outcome when starting out building your own online Digital Business. Jay has a wealth of knowledge about marketing and being successful online as well as failing and how he came back again from losing all and turned his life around both professionally and personally. His life has had many challenges and there is a certain special quality to his stories that resonates with many of his online and offline students..and that is why I have chosen to share some of Jay’s lesson’s he has learnt from 10 years in this industry with you..


Let me introduce you to Jay Kubassek here:

Well before we start can I just say I respect your time and in this manic world we dont have much of it, so this is my point here today that this article is especially here for you. Those who have a life generating education coaching and learning for others..perhaps your management or corporate..a leader or even self employed which encapsulates all of the aforementioned .  We all start with why we are doing this and expectations for a good lifestyle are set. As a leader and a mentor do you share your lessons learnt with your following or even employee’s ?? so as to help them look deeper into their own lives and perhaps help them deal with any aspects thats not really working for them or their not looking into see thats what happens in this community almost every time we share time with our mentors as they want us to be successful to. Through the power of sharing stories and experiences we learn just that!

You see I have been a member of this educational platform at the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy for the last 2 years and I have found that for me personally the most transformational moments in my life are when these special training events with Stuart or Jay take place! Why?? well when multi millionaires share their time and deepest most concepts they found helped them when building a business or what made some major changes in their lives..I sit up  and take notice!! mainly because I am learning how to do this myself and have little experience as such, but I want to know what helps us when making decisons that affect our lives every single day..and how do we incorporate them into our own lives. Every week we share over 1 to 2 hours of pure golden nuggets of secret sauce to success  from the heart, and this was no exception which is why I think its so necessary to share them with you. so go get a beer or a coffee or beverage of your choice and be amazed at what the most powerful 10 Lessons in 10 years taught Jay. I use my notes here from the Webinar and also incorporate Jay’s words and feelings, others I add are my own words and interpretation.


Jay explained that when building an online business we should always start with the end result first..i.e. how many many applications etc do you need to reach your income target.  Being focused on this will give you a guideline as to where you want to be..working out the action plan you want to put into place as to generate the income you require.. ( Big shock horror for me here!! I personally never did this..reverse engineering is something I have learnt being a part of this education platform , but then this is why I need Mentors like Jay!! I really dont have to know everything!! but be reachable teachable and coachable)


Jay explains that this is the secret to financial success. We settle for what we think we  deserve!! We have a glass ceiling that we cap off!!..a thermostat that is stuck!! Financial success should come easy! How well do you know your worth?? You will settle for what your given..and heres the paradigm shift!! Who tells you how much your worth?? Its a discovery process. First make a list of all of your life experiences within your job..How much time and money have you invested into your life and education. Whats skill sets have you learnt from good and bad experiences ?. How has it changed your character ?..what value did it add to your life.? see Jay explained that our life experiences and wealth of knowledge we have may not have been monetized yet..we are all worth way more!..we need to have a more heightened awareness of our unique skills..What are the 50 to 100 coolest things you have done and what did you learn from them?..Jay explained that working out what our strengths are and playing to them is the winners way. We have so many advantages within the Digital Market as we have technology at our fingertips so that we can leverage our time and money..multi million dollar business is there for the taking. Chances are we are not taking advantage of whats right before us because we may not be aware of it. or are too scared to learn new things.. ( I always looked upon this question as monetary worth, but now see it as a very different that I can now see how I can do this through learning other skill sets to do with technology but also by using my strengths and abilites and how I can greatly change my worth for what I can do! )  Has technology or the digital world changed yours??


Complexity Kills!! making your life sustainable and simple..the KISS method ( Keep it Stupidly Simple ) should be adopted to all aspects of your  business and if possible your life! 80% of your time and energy should be in be in creative and productive mode on lead generation and accumulation of applicants or subsribers or both..the rest of the time in relationship building with your clients and giving value and service.. We over complicate and overwhelm ourselves. We need to keep it simple.. Focus on the right things then the money will come in as a byproduct of your production ..positioning is the key factor. Jay went on to explain a simple way of stepping back from your business and working out a way of keeping your life simple by asking yourself ” What do you have to do with your time and energy to create your world”? What can you strip away..go back to 2: KNOW YOUR WORTH..Simplicity is the key do you have a plan?..if not its costing you!! We sometimes think struggle should be present! When you get these 3 things right in your head .. all these other complexities fall by the way side. (Now I dont know about you but complexity sure ruined many of my plans as I just went into overwhelm and sometimes thought it was me being uneducated …not the sharpest knife in the box!..etc  just didnt understand all this as it wasnt for me..since learning so much about the art of simplicity I have been majorly happy with my life and business it was no one else but me that made it complicated. I thought life and business where separate entities but now I see that doesnt have to be. Life can be simple and lived to the full..take away all that stress and complicated stuff and it gets a whole lot more fun  :) ) do you agree??


Jay often gets asked “What’s your passion” What are you passionate about..?? now this isnt an easy question for Jay as he is passionate about so many things such as his children..chosen sports..his work etc..but Jay actually sees passion as a reward.. a good feeling..when you feel fired up about something..your intensity rises ..your in your groove in your zone!! That “I love my life” feeling.. Thats the reward when your doing the right things to a vision and a purpose..when you know your worth and you respect yourself you cant help but feel passion when your on the right path. Passion finds you ..dont look for passion to be there first it finds you on purpose and alignment it grows with you. Take action to passion . Your blueprint to life motivate’s you drives  works together to compound your life over time ..when you have tremendous passion nothing can separate you from it… which is a result of living a purposeful life.  (This struck home for me..I am a passionate person and find my writing and work with my clients in my coaching business a huge passion for me..and yes my reward is seeing my clients over come challenges and move on to live empowered lives..and yes Jay is right ..I am doing the right thing and being in alignment with my purpose..strange but never before had I even thought about passion being a reward for the things you loved doing..I had always thought you had to have the passion first!! )   another lesson well and truly learned here..


This is a byproduct of the reward when we are happy we get rewarded with the happy chemical Dopemine, so by doing what we should have done we get happy..we are in alignment with our values …we have big breakthroughs ..feeling of gratitude..Balance =work the end result make it a priority to be happy..people who are happy are up to 30 to 40% more productive ..millions of dollars a year are lost through people being stressed out of balance and just can’t afford to be unhappy..Make it a guiding principle you live by ..or you will become reactive without it..get big on an efficent happy life. Lets take your Physical health which is broken down into 2 Diet and the other Fitness..these combine your emotional health..Your mind is your biggest asset you cannot afford not to be happy ..otherwise you come from lack no inspiration or one will come near will not attract anyone to your business or your life..what you give out is what you get back. (Another lightbulb moment for me here..when being desperate to create sales and money, dont come from lack!! strange thing also is I put up with my mind taking away my worth..or at least my self talk..which in turn took away my happiness..they are all interlinked..we cant separate the mind from the body!! it works as one. when I understood this so much changed in my life..and for the better..) has this happened to you?


Jay explained that to him giving more was caring more and they were both equal.  What is it that we most admire about a Business mentor, is it that they give more or care more or both..what do you respect about them or see the two go hand in hand. You have to be in a relationship with someone who cares.. Do you care enough about yourself? If you do you now have the capacity to care for someone..You can’t care for someone else first if you dont care or love yourself.  Exchange of value..people dont care how much you know till they know how much you care..and when they do they will do business with you..they will come into your life..its the secret sauce if you will of attraction you really give a shit? you see emotional investment is the strength to your personality and it attracts like minded cant please everyone but if you sleep well at night then things are as they should be and your doing everything in your power to care and give service and value in your business. If not then get clear on do you care enough?..the type of people you attract ..your self respect..are you reactive or proactive..develop your skills .. do what moves you to take action..whether its exercise or walking..just get all the pieces together  and take control, feel good and happy that way you will be the best you.. you can be..but it all starts with you!! ( Several Bosses and work collegues I have encountered in my life experiences I did not respect and because of this was out on a limb if I was seen to be over helpful!! or too this is where we all need to see the bigger picture when building an online or offline people will tell you when the service is good but they will tell all their friends when the service is bad!!)  have you experience of this?


What are your character traits ?? Jay urges us all go out and find them and then question them….step up your game..demand more out of yourself.. what accountability level can you put into place to ensure you do more..demand more of yourself..ask more questions.. Dont let your ego or image or belief system or your opinions get in the way or be your guide, chances are if your not getting the results you want in your life you are not demanding enough on changes that you have to make..if your defensive your guard is up..resent or resist it wont serve you…. Be right or be happy!!..  you dont get to be lonely and happy at the same time! Never stop growing ..stop holding on to a non serving identity ..Ask yourself.. I want to know how I could be better..strengthen my integrity give myself a challenge to grow! No way will you be happy and healthy if you dont question things..stop the complacency!!  ( Another moment to savor here! demand more of myself is something I always did within my sport..but business or if I am honest not really especially while working for others who didnt respect me..however now its a whole different ball game..without this I would not be here typing this tonight ..I demanded more and asked more questions…quality questions and I got a load of quality information back that enables me to grow all the time) what about your feelings on this?


Be honest and accept your authentic self..Jay says being who you are and not what others want you to be is self empowering and freeing..You are not perfect and admit no longer have to be the person you need to be.. thats the secret to success being authentic and the REAL THING..THE REAL DEAL..stop trying to be the best version of yourself..Who you are is who you are..emotional attachment with others means you resonate with them form relationships with them..they like you and will do buiness with happy to give you money..and want to work with you..if you fake it till you make it it will fail..being on a path of least resistance to solve any issues..if your upset you need to speak from the heart..beat down regret ..stop looking for approval ..saying yes to others rules..being true to ourselves, go with it whats to lose?..Values and happiness not afraid to FAIL..Dancing to someone else’s tune has to stop..being authentic is sexy..attractive..self expression..there is nothing better!! ( I loved this lesson he shared because for me this was the biggest hurdle I would jump..I was always subserviant ..true to others feelings..respectful of what other people liked..which meant my real self stayed screaming inside..begging to come out..all my passion energy and time seemed to be given away to others..I was a GOOD GIRL..always did as I was asked was a life lived through others though thanks to changes and a mindset to win attitude my life is totally different..I talk my authentic truth and am my authentic did take work but was so worth it.. ) have you found being your authentic self has been a obstacle?


This one Jay says is where your in direct control of ..EAT IT OWN IT..What motivates us to do what we have to do..?? Discipline ..Passion Priority ..Hustle will come automatically ..Hustle comes naturally when your in alignment with your life purpose you know there is nothing else!! ..Do you have Hustle?? Force Yourself to think what would give you Hustle?..what stops you getting Hustle.?.Do I have the Hustle? remember complacency KILLS!! Dont let yourself off the hook..Daily and weekly work to create projects and in turn come bad do you want them? Do you have Hustle?  keep asking yourself …GO FIND IT..Good enough is on borrowed time!! ( I now understand the meaning of always brings the words of a song to mind..hustle for another dollar..finding my passion and alignment meant Hustle came naturally as I knew if I didnt do it it wouldnt get done!!) Do you have Hustle? if so what drives it you?


What ever life you live you have to maintain some kind of have to prioritise your… work ..which ever is important to you personally. You have to have some kind of harmonious and effortless simplifying ..being your true authentic self..appreciate all your strengths and think long term , teach yourself balance with money.. be obligated to figuring it out..take necessary steps to find it..take all steps to being efficent..and extract the max from it..

To finish Jay shared this with us..Fail your way forward..10 years will come and go..make them your best..make them your most productive..make them your blueprint to success..Dont let a good crisis go to waste..learn from it and grow..Dont wait for anything to come to you go out and get it!!

I always come away from my training with that extra piece of the jigsaw that I needed..and so I wanted to give you an inside peek into what is shared on these trainings here with the SFM/DEA as I feel these lessons may help you to,  no matter what walk of life your in..

Thank you for joining me here..if you enjoyed the blog please leave a comment and share with people who you think would benefit from it..

I love feedback so please share your opionions on these valuable lessons Jay has shared with us. :) I am sure you will agree that when we share with others what has worked and what we found to be the best carries you forward on your path when building your own business or when working alongside others to work towards success.

Here’s to your continued success..

Jill Humphreys

The Empowerment of Words!!

“The Empowerment of Words”

How we use words when in conversation with others can seriously make a big difference to how you are understood and interpreted..for example there are many different ways to say..”How are you doing”? ” How are YOU doing..”? the emphasis on YOU here makes the meaning completley different!! and is far more personalized perhaps to an occasion or happening around the person its directed to..

Well the same goes for your marketing aswell..saying just whats on your mind may not be enough to convince someone your product or service is the best thing since sliced get a better knowledge of your subject..and give different emotions attached to the sales copy..i. e. when getting your subscribers and readers to read your blogs and sales copy..come from a more emotional direction. Most people like to diviate from pain and go toward I will give you a scenario of such a happening …..

Do you like communting to work when there are no seats to sit trains..smelly breath and body odour from the people in the carriage and the train is taken out of service because the driver hasn’t turned up and your extremely late for your meeeting!!?? Painful?? you lets move to the pleasure department..Do you love waking up naturally..going for run before your breakfast..sitting on the balcony of your new condo in Miami you have just rented for 6 months in order to get more inspiration for your copy writing as your so into the sun and warmth these days and it so helps get the juices of flow going with your writing!!..NOW tell me that didn’t make you feel good and gain pleasure form just the thought of it.. this is the power of using emotions in your words to tell your story and get noticed.     :)



How amazing is it to have the power of words..all at our finger tips just as I am now writing this to you in words hopefully you can understand.

You see we understand things in our own way and we interpret things that are said in our own when you are trying to converse with people sometimes they wont understand or get your point, but if you tell associated stories and make them feel good the message gets across so easily and is remembered not by just the words but by the emotions too..

Have you ever thought of the amount of words that get spoken daily..written daily published daily??..It has been claimed that women speak about 20,000 words a day – 13,000 more than the average man ..well we wont go into detail about that here as that is a whole different blog to itself..  :)

Lets look at the art of communication and what does it stand for:



the process of speaking or writing to someone to exchange information or ideas



the activity of being with and talking to other peopleand the way that people react to each other



the expression of thoughtsideasor feelings in words



the process of writing and receiving letters



ways of expressing your feelings and ideasfor example through paintingwritingor acting



an exchange of ideascustomsmethods etc between different people or groups



the process in which information is spread from one person or group to another

You see there are so many ways to describe what we do when we communicate to each other..but it all comes down to making our self heard in some way..whether its to your partner..child..friend ..associate..etc. the use of words is never the same for each of these relationships..and nor should your copy be for your sales pitch or one to one interaction. Do your research on your niche market and use their launguage when posting your sales copy..that way people will understand you as you have done your homework regarding their hobbies…likes..etc. this will save you an abundance of time..and money.

Using different Social Media sites and using the same copy is not going to work either..lets look into what these sites are used for..and why this is..

Firstly Facebook:  Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves.

Twitter:  Sometimes we just want to know – and thanks to Twitter, it’s possible to share short, bite-sized updates about your life and follow the updates of people that matter to us. Instantly connecting us to friends, experts, breaking news and sometimes, (in my case, always) even those crazy celebrities.

LinkedIn: If you are like most people, you probably have always viewed LinkedIn as a place to park your resume, create a professional profile, and hope to be asked for a “connection” by the next big headhunter looking for exactly what you offer.

But when it comes to marketing your personal brand, if you are using anything, you are probably sticking to old favorites like Facebook, and you honestly don’t know how to harness LinkedIn to generate more leads and sales.

Of all of the social media platforms, if you are trying to build a brand online, LinkedIn is the one you really need to start using!  It is the most likely to be a rich source of customers in your niche!

LinkedIn has over 200 million profiles, and the average income of its users is over $100,000.  Now, let’s work on a little math problem for a moment.

If you have a product that is sold for $27, and  it’s bought by a mere 1% of the users on LinkedIn you have made a connection with, what would that look like for you?  How about $54,000,000 in your pocket??

If you weren’t interested in this network a few moments ago, are you reconsidering now?

Instagram: Social: Instagram, like any other social network, is based around having friends or followers.  On Instagram you ‘follow’ people.  At the top of your profile (or anyone’s profile) you will see the username, profile pic, how many photos have been uploaded, how many followers the account has, and how many they are following.  When you follow someone, their photos show up in your stream.  The only other things you can do are ‘like‘ photos and comment on them.  Both are appreciated.  People ask questions in the comments, like ‘where was this taken’ or ‘what app did you use for that?’.  Once you get into using Instagram, you will see how laid back people are and how much fun they are having.  It’s currently a very friendly community.


What are Google Analytics and Google +1?

Google analytics is a tool that can be used by website publishers to better understand how people are using their website. It is also used by Google to better understand the performance of its own websites.

The Google +1 button is a social sharing tool that website owners install on their pages to make it easier for people to share their content on theGoogle+ social network.

So as you can see from this you need several different ways of communicating with each social media site in order for you to get the best effect..understanding each respective site gives you a much better chance of being successful when finding subscribers and sales to your product and service…and the different types of social media all have a different way of interaction.

If you had the same conversation with your Boss as you did with your child you really wouldnt have the same outcome now would you..?? so it is the same with the words..communication and interaction you use with all social media next time you have a blog or an interesting piece of work to share..think before you press that button and send out your hard spent time and the site where its at..

The Universe said you would be dropping by..and I am grateful you have..

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Thank you for reading..


Whats the Message behind your Message…

Hello and welcome to my video library on mindset changes when starting an online business..

When you send out your marketing adds what goes out with this message and where are you in energy terms and mental state ??
what is your message behind your message..

If your coming from desperation or lack..then this is going to be reflected in your adds..they are going to have a vibration all of their own even though they dont get touched!!
and many will avoid them all together..

My favorite story from Joe Vitale..was when he was approached by a guy wanting his help to advertise his seminar..Joe did several thousand flyers..boxed them up for the couriers collection.

2 days later Joe had a call from the guy stating he was ecstatic as his seminar had sold out..all thanks to Joe’s work on his add..

Joe when seeing the boxes still there and no one had picked them up for delivery to the distributors suddenly realized that the ten plate for the flyer had been put on the website and people had just gone from that and booked..Joe when visiting the event asked people to fill out a questionnaire about the advert..i.e what drew you to attend..i e colors used ..words etc..all the answers came back ..we just felt it was right..we needed to be there regardless of the funds..we just knew it would be good for us to attend the seminar..and they were all feeling the love gone into the add..

As Joe had spent time with the speaker and got to know him ..he had put love..intention and gratitude for what he had to offer in the add..and people just felt it..

Now you may think this is crazy but believe me its true..when you give your adds your belief..your service value and quality..this will come back to you..each time you press that button and send it out into the ether..send it out with..the knowledge that this will help others..this will reach the people that want to work with me and I them..already see the team you will have ..already know they are out there just waiting for this add..thoughts do become things..and what you give out you get back..

The Law of Attraction works all of the time..with no rest days..or time off..24/7 it watches and listens and matches your frequency of emotions..believe in you and the business your in..put love and integrity and come from your highest good and concern for all those involved..this is a pure message that will resonate with so many..we just dont see the power behind the intention..but the power is infact vast!! everything you touch ..create or develop do it with love and gratitude..and this in return will be rewarded..

Thanks for watching..

Here’s to your continued success..

Jill Humphreys

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Are you out in the Economic Cold?

    • Have you ever thought about the way the world is changing and revolving around the economy shuffle that takes place every minute of our lives..? Are you planning for your retirement but not sure if the plan will fold..disappear or disintegrate  before your every confident are you that this plan will see you through..give you security and a life worth living..if that was all to go over night where would you be?
    • Now please dont get me wrong here, I am not here to scare monger or doubt your judgement on what you invest in or do with your money, I am here to ask questions and for you to really see the difference in the traditional economy, to the digital economy..and to how this way can make you more secure and live life on your terms..


What are your options?? You see the reason I asked this was I was suddenly left with a large home to look after..and a boy of 10 after nursing my mother for 7 years being her full time carer ..I gave up my job to be full time mother  to my son and full time carer to my mother until she passed away in 2012..thus no working for me..and as I was already in my 50′s when all this personal money situation was not looking good. The government had taken a large amount of the money my mother had invested for her last few months of care as she had Vascular Dementia and I could not cope alone with looking after her so this now was my situation ..what did I do now to generate an income..where did I start looking?

I had to find an alternative way of  returning to work in order to look after the home I had inherited and bring my son up with all that that entails. It was now going to be a task to find work around school hours and also child care within this area which is rural Wales and not near large cities..the future did not look rosey and I was starting to panic as to my survival.

I was under the opinion that I would get a the mortgage..and utilities, food bills etc and just about scrape by if I was time passed I found myself in the jobcentre asking for assistance as I was not finding work ..This was believe me, a position and  experience I had not bargained for in my 50′s and was aware that ever more the vacancies wanted a younger person as their employee and I was made to feel substandard. Through no fault of the staff who were exceptionally understanding and helpful towards my situation..nothing was going to fix me over night . I felt out in the Economic Cold..without a coat and it hurt!! surely there must be light at the end of the tunnel somewhere..I was too young at heart to be out on the scrap heap..I was going to survive this no matter what..I would learn a new skill if necessary.


We now have technology knocking at every door there is no escape from it and there will only be more of it with the coming years. I was not technology savvy and had no idea how all this worked..but I realized that if things where going to change it was up to me to take the bull by the horns put up my hand and declare..I will learn what ever it takes to get a job..this involved  some night school tuition and the unscrambling of my brain..trying to work out what was what when it came to the basics of e mail..copy and paste etc..but to no avail did I succeed in finding employment..this became a large issue for me..My son now getting ever more comfortable with the computer each minute and sailing through every venture he took addressed the fact that I hadn’t got a Facebook page or Twitter account and felt it was about time I came out and declared I was alive!! ..I was totally against such happenings and rebelled..until I saw my friends there with all the community and just had to join in..I discovered the ability to gain peoples attention with small stories and messages I would write and got quite a following going on..then a thought occurred to me!!

What if I could earn money doing just that?? I scoured the Websites and Facebook Pages for some information and came across a platform that not only enabled me to earn whilst writing but to also affiliate and resell a training program with commissions..this sounded all to good to be true..I sat on the fence for a while being held back by my thinking “Could I really do this”.. so I watched and waited and listened to all the details and training before signing up for a nominal fee of $19.99. I was to say the least skeptical but quietly excited at the same.. after all they said I could have my money back within 30 days no questions asked..this Platform of Training and learning while your earning is Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy. I looked around for a while got my back office set up with them and started finding my feet..the community was welcoming and always answer the many questions I had as this was completely new to me..I had access to the weekly training with Co founder Stuart Ross then as the company grew Jay Kubassek arrived with several more golden nuggets of adventure to add the already big mix of things. I started my training and implementation of the way to market your business on line and slowly got to understand the marketing speak terminologies that  the mentors and trainers used..and I was becoming more user friendly of the system that would build up for me over time and enable me to earn money within the digital economy. Now I would love to say that this transition was easy for me..and I have made thousands of pounds and I am now financially independent..SADLY this hasn’t happened.YET!! all because my mindset to this change from the traditional way of making money to the digital way of making money did NOT SHIFT and I held myself back!! I was still out in the Economic Cold struggling, I am being totally honest bear with me on this I had no intentions of quitting on my dreams ever..and as this was proven inside and out that this system was ethical and worked for so many, there was only one fault with it and that was ME! I chose to stay in the background gaining all I could from the training…so much so that my confidence and interaction grew to the extent of being able to start my own Coaching Business..public speaking ..learning the art of writing and marketing..and e mail broadcasting . This  platform was first and foremost built for helping others for giving service and values beyond the extra mile of other businesses I have seen and been part of. The art of bringing solutions through technology and education to the likes of me and you reading this just blew my 2 years on ….and suddenly I just GOT IT!! like a epiphany this was going to be my way of making life on my terms..suddenly there was no walls to my limit to my earnings..the sky was literally wide open to any ideas..plans or goals or dreams that had  so long ago  been trampled on by the ever diminishing economy which I was brought up in.  We had not to get big ideas and dreams of having a life outside earning your money for giving your time as there was no other worked hard for a company and got paid for what you are worth to them..also you could have your own business but your outgoings would be high and there was no success at the end of it if it didn’t generate an income within your first 2 to 3 could end up homeless and broke. I watched as my parents both had their own businesses and were very successful..BUT..I didn’t see them as this was where their time had to be questions asked this was the way of a successful business person giving all your time to make your income and not spending it with your family..they always came gave all your time to make your money..

So what is all this hype about the Digital Economy what does this actually mean..let me explain a few things about this platform of earning and learning..firstly what really put thoughts into my head was the fact that I could be somewhere else and still earn money..i e. when you build an online business its like having a shop open 24hrs. on autopilot ..this way the internet works with global business its 24/7 access to your products and services so this infact makes you money while you sleep…without you having to be there..secondly the power of leverage..doing one thing but gaining much more from it..your not giving all your time for money..this system enables you to take time out to do other things..whilst leveraging your time with a global network working 24/7 all day everyday business..while you dont have too…it offers you time and financial freedom. so the world is your oyster with this proven workable system..We are in the age where 1 in 3 people now have access to a digital iphone a tablet..imac etc..the way for the world will never return to the old why do we stay stuck when there is so much more out there if we just care to look and do our research. This business has no boundaries on age culture creed or race..its open to anyone who has a work ethic.. follows the blueprint strategy ..invests in themselves ..learns new skills coachable reachable and teachable gets there hands dirty..makes mistakes..fails and falls..this is the sign of a true Entrepreneur. We are looking for more people who want this and are not afraid to stand up and run with this take it where you want it to have the world to explore and a wealth of knowledge to get you there. several levels of education and training ensure this. You can run your business anywhere in the world as long as you have a Laptop hence you can live the Laptop Lifestyle where ever you are ..but hey dont take my word for your own due diligence and go do some research and then come back..but dont leave it long..because your life is waiting for you the other side of your decision to move forward..with security in the knowledge that this business if worked at and invested in will take care of your children and your children’s children if implemented  and used to the full..several of our community are doing just that and have discovered an incredible peace of mind when their money struggles get less and less each day..thus empowering them to live better more rewarding lives, which in turn creates a happier family existence with the knowledge to help others do just the same is meant to be abundant not a struggle.

I know you want to know more   CLICK HERE    this will take you to Stuart Ross one of our Co Founders who will explain in great detail how all this works and where you can apply for your application today $29.99 will take you into the video series so that you get an insider look at what this business is all about…what are you waiting for?? dont be like me wasting so much valuable time..just do it now..if its not for you then a money back guarantee is there for you..believe me if your seriously considering your next move in life then you really need to take a look at this opportunity to live life on your terms, there is no better way of discovering life does not have to be a 9 to 5 rat race forever..there is truly a better way to live your life to its true potential. I will be there to greet you and welcome you in the community.

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Dating your Business..

Dating your Business..

Lets take the analogy of starting a new meet, speak, share conversation get to know about the other person….you experience a euphoria and a happiness shot in the head and heart. You love having them near and think about them all the time. Life seems a wonderful place to be. You notice more about things, but you cant concentrate on anything else at the time, all you think about is when you will be together again, you cant stop this time the endorphin chemicals in the body are at an all time cant get enough of this fix you dont want to end a conversation with them and you dont want them out of your wake up with this feeling and you find it hard to sleep with this chemical rushing through your veins..this is LOVE in a happy for the science bit! pay attention are you ready..?  :)


Endorphins are what makes us come back to love again and again. They’re what makes love feel so good and why we long for it. Endorphins are neurotransmitters released by the brain that make us feel terrific. They are our own little rewards system and have addictive characteristics.
Unlike caffeine, nicotine, or cocaine, these chemicals are the rewards our bodies treat us to when we are doing something good for ourselves: exercising, laughing, having sex, falling in love. And, they are the reason why exercise can bring us out of a funk, laughing can become contagious, sex can seem to be better than chocolate, and we go back to love even after our hearts are broken. The endorphin fix is hard to shake, because they are not only addictive but they make us happy, energized, feeling strong and alive.

Oxytocin is the foundation of romance. When oxytocin is released in the brain passion and romance builds, stress is reduced, we become relaxed, and endorphins are released. For men, increased oxytocin levels lead to feelings of love. For women, their serotonin levels are elevated and sustained.
So, how do we get these doo-dads pumping? Touch lovingly. It’s that simple: a hug, holding hands, a massage, intercourse, etc…
When we are touched lovingly we, in turn, want to touch our partner back in a loving way, which releases oxytocin in them. And, suddenly we find ourselves amidst a non-stop, oxytocin-enduced, never-ending touch fest.

Serotonin is a brain chemical that brings women comfort and contentment while reducing stress and increasing optimism.
So, how’s a man bring on this magical chemical? Romance. When a woman feels romanced, her serotonin levels increase. Shower her with compliments. Shower her with flowers. Shower with her. Let her feel as though she is safe, protected, and that her needs have been, and will be, met.
In doing so, her increased serotonin levels affect and increase her release of oxytocin, which will, of course, bring on everyone’s favorite brain chemical, endorphins.

So now the science bit has been covered and the anatomy and physiology has been discussed..what has this to do with your business you may well ask..

What if you treated your business this way?

What if you dated your business?

So lets see you get to know the business opportunity..

You fill it with passion and love for what you do ..

You dress to impress..looking  good and smelling divine each time your together..

You hang a round with others to express your love for it and show it off to its best ability.

You keep the communication inspiring , fun and motivating at all times..

You always have time for it..and never neglect it that the relationship grows as time evolves..

You greet this business everyday with a warm smile ..and can’t wait to show it some love and gratitude

You bring it gifts to show how much you enable it to flourish and nourish ..

You have no fear when taking some time away that it wont be contented, as it has solid foundations and is happy.

You stay faithful to the course and dont stray with the enticement of others..

What could you gain from looking at your business this way.?

If we put the feelings of happy chemicals into our business building do you think it would be so much more fun?

First we need to have a love of something..and want to express it..we need to really get down and dirty in all aspects of whats needed to make this relationship flourish or you are not going to get anything back. There will also be times when you hate the relationship. Perhaps its just cost you money and your not getting anything back..if your not giving your all your on a highway to no where. You see that’s the difference here will be in a one sided relationship until you have given your time consistency and effort everyday..some days bigger than others. You cannot be seen to be procrastinating ..or neglectful or this relationship will end in tears..the relationship can seem very demanding of your time and money but the difference is if your putting in the effort and working smart not hard then you have a lifelong relationship that will eventually look after all your needs..but first you must provide a loving home where you can grow together..a never ending amount of time given freely with sometimes no feedback or remuneration..plenty of inspiration and motivation will have to come from you, so many times you will get it wrong and want to storm off and never come back…but the making up will be so worth it..  :)

There is nothing stopping you from being happy in your business..and many ways can be changed if you treat it like a new partner, always being the best can be.showing up every time, doing your due diligence to all aspects. Following your heart  and loving every minute of your time together..sounds so simple doesn’t it..we make our lives complicated sometimes..but when it comes to love we are all powerless to its hold on us..getting to date and fall in love with your business will be the best relationship you can ever have.

Here’s to loving in a BIG WAY ♥



What would you say to some intimate chat?

What would you say to some intimate chat?

Now dont get me wrong here, the kind of chat I am on about doesn’t have to take place without your clothes!! but if your more comfortable then do as you please.. :) This conversation is going to be all about relationships..not particularly as man woman..woman woman man man..but the kind of relationship you would like to have with your co workers..ouch! and there’s the clanger!..

You know the one’ get to work late and the guy that never goes out or has a social life immediately says to you..”Did you have problems finding the office when leaving from a different address this morning” ? or your boss tells you to not bother with your hair as it doesn’t look like you have made an effort anyway!! The only thing that makes you paranoid is the relationships in the office that are slightly mad and off the wall..most people you work with, if in a small office, get to know you pretty well inside and out after you want to step out and be noticed everyday..or would you like to be more flexible..where would you like to work?

Whether your in or out of a relationship..when you come in swearing about your parents..or you just had the baby be sick all down you as you were leaving and you didn’t have time to change, so everyone is giving you a wide berth for the rest of the day as the air gets ever warmer in the office space that you share!! baby sick, ain’t no perfume/aftershave that disguises that! Also if you have been away from home on a date are definitely going to look and act different when you arrive in the morning..  :)  and the grumpy guy in the car park who stole your parking space is even going to get a hello and a smile from you.  :)  The kids may have broken something or missed the bus and need a lift home..or your spouse may have had an accident..really everything and anything can happen in the time zone of doing a 9 to 5 and many motions behind emotions will be revealed..does this cause you stress??

When your guard is down you may slip that you quite fancy the new person in the office next door..or the new person on these tell signs that your looking!! it maybe just window shopping but never the less you now are landed with the title of “Looking but not available”..which ever be on your guard that someone will have a great memory and let you down at the most inopportune moment, usually the office party or get together as you left with the boss or worse still had to be carried and put in a cab!! oh the joys of the office party bash……

I really have to say I dont miss the office association..and having to put on a brave face when I didn’t want to..or being told that I am working late for the foreseeable future until all work is completed..then your boss gets on a plane and arrives looking smug as all your hard work he/she is taking credit for sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere..and announces..

Now there is something I do miss and that’s the chats like we are having here right know the ones..over coffee or perhaps a glass of wine drunk with lunch so that you  have someone keep an eye on you so  you dont fall asleep when the end of year accounts are announced and wake your self up snoring and dribbling down your shirt or top..these connections are precious and can be very the office is where you spend the majority of your day and so we see the morning person..the not morning person..the coffee first then talk to me person..the afternoon person who is always better tempered after a meat pie and chips with red sauce on his tie..or maybe the person who sees its 10 to 5 and decides to say hello to you after 8 hours of ignoring you..there are many types of people that make up an office working environment..and I am sure you could name many more where am I going with this conversation I hear you ask..after all your ready for some intimacy here and I haven’t really got down to business with you yet……


Let me ask you a personal question..what do you expect from your work colleagues ..are you in a work alone environment or in an office situation..which do you prefer..?? do you even like working in a company ? would you like to work alone, but as part of a team.. what if I was to tell you that your colleagues would all be happy..and more than willing to help you when required..and a community to be proud of belonging to ..where the hang outs are the place to be seen in..

You see at this moment I could be sitting typing this on my laptop in my onesie and matching slippers..or perhaps a silk gown with pearls and pink point is working from home gives me intimate contact with all my business associates all over the world..last Thursday I was speaking to one of my down under associates while she was feeding the baby and typing messages with one hand..there is no barriers to our contact here what ever day or night or attire..

Take yesterday for instance..I walked my dog had breakfast..then started my work in the next room to my bedroom( now converted to my office)..I had some lovely music playing, my favorite juice brought up from the kitchen and just started my day with a smile as outside the rain was beating against my window..I can so remember the office commute, first a walk to the station..then the underground crush..the garlic and body odour!!…the never getting a seat days…well need I go on here?..not having to leave my home when the weather is really bad is such a bonus I really cant tell you..whenever the weather is challenging your first priority is getting into work or there will be hell to play..and this reaction is what you normally experience……..

You see I can’t see you but I feel I know you so well..we haven’t even met but this connection we have here is very strong..and I feel all I have discussed resonates with you we have began our journey of already having experienced so much together although apart..if you get my do you want more now I have your attention?

Well let me let you into a little secret..between you and me I dont work from any busy people filled office anymore or have a office moan or a tea lady which brings sticky buns at 11am..what I do have is my freedom to work when I want and how long I want spend time with my family when I want have a holiday when I want hang around with associates with a community of entrepreneurs when I want to..and expand my skillsets and mindsets when I want up my advertising budget to get better results when I see I am totally workforce environment dont get me wrong..this isn’t for everyone..but if your still with me here something has stirred inside you..something has lit a light bulb in your head..something along the way of this blog has given you ideas!! and now you want more..well I can do that..but first best put your clothes back we are nearly finished here.. :)

Click this link that will take you to a very informative person in his 30′s who  is financially and time free ..his name is Stuart Ross and is co founder of Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy, you see Stuart got so sick of the rat race working 80hrs as an estate agent and having very little to show for it if the deals were not lucartive,  he decided to do something about it..he wanted time freedom and leverage so that he wasn’t constricted to one others words giving all his time for one payment at the end of the month was really getting him he formalized a way of building several ways of getting money through a proven system of education and coaching..and has built it up over the last 4 years to the credibility it has today along with the other co founder Jay Kubassek,he will explain everything beautifully to see Stuart is very passionate about who he works with and so am I..but when he sees I have sent you he will be most accommodating with his information he is going to share..and will explain all to you about a laptop lifestyle like I live at present..does this sound good to you? would this be something you could do?

From here there is an application pack which is $29.95 this gives you access to me and so much more..but beware this is the start of something big..something that could free you from all shackels of conformity and life as you know it..and we could talk one on one..

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed my time with you here..its been great sharing and learning about each other..lets do more of this..because in all honesty its people like you who deserve this opportunity that I want to work with..if you look at all the great stuff I have to offer can tell I am serious about my life..and I so hate time wasters as I am sure you do to..

Its time for me to go now..have a great weekend and speak soon..

Warm wishes of a life on your terms..gained through living a digital life..