Are YOU planning to Start your own Business Online? Internet Newbies take note!!

Hello and welcome to my blog…here today we are going to discuss the ways outsiders see us here in Internet Marketing so if your new to this evolution but want to know how you can be a part of it..get comfortable because I am going to make you change your mind about all you believe about this industry, especially that you need to be some internet to succeed at it..I am none of the aforementioned!! well not yet anyway..   :) it all starts with making a decision and implementing it..nothing comes from no action!! expecting different results from the same actions is insanity!!


..I can feel the resistance from here with just using that sentence..seriously I have some vital points and information to share with you today..and at the end it will be your decision to take lets get started as your time is precious and its a sunny day outside and my dog is pacing!!

Lets face reality most business is done online these days and plenty of products and services are being sold every second ..probably millions of pounds worth of business has been done in any given moment and just with a click even as you read this , low and high ticket items are winging their way to someone who made a purchase from a coffee shop..their own living room or the comfort of their bed!! altering the way we purchase products and services forever…so how does this happen? Its now so easy to buy items from anywhere at any time..with internet marketing you have a 24/7 open store… We are all familiar with Ebay and Amazon ..they create a platform for affiliates to sell from..resulting in a commission paid out to the reseller by the seller..simple? well it can be very simple.. the secret is to having the right guidance coaching and education to help you put this into that you can gain from this online fortune that’s awaiting you..sounds too easy?? let me explain more..

Many of us resist buying anything when there is so much economical uncertainty so filling a need and giving a service people really want is paramount to your success, so the training environment has to be right..ethical trustworthy and a proven system to follow with support and back up is to say a real no brainer!! sad fact these are not always what you get for your buck! firstly do your due diligence before making any decisions..

What separates the people who can sell online and those that can’t..Have you ever asked yourself this question? What is the Secret Ingredient..The Silver Bullet to name but a few of the internet speak names often bantered about..lets look at the type of people who use the internet..

1)  To Surf and  browse

2) To search and buy

3) To sell and profit..

Convincing people that they need your products and services is tantamount to you making any money..simplistic fact! no sales business..with resistance and economy situations, people will resist you..making it hard for many internet marketers to make a decent living..but when you have support and back up 24/7 the journey although sometimes testing is a whole lot easier to share with like minded people all travelling the same road..

If you are serious about your internet online business you have to plan ahead ..multiple products and services ..many websites.. this is creating your empire..which is why your here right? so would you spend thousands of pounds creating your products and services or would you stick to proven products and excellent services already created? the choice is absolutely yours..but when starting out with little capitol or budget the answer is staring right back at you..become an affiliate first and earn while you learn..use the integrity of the Co founders and the products but be a re seller until you understand the basics and get comfortable with the industry then and only then go out there and thrive and survive..with proven systems this can happen very quickly depending on your budget and effort..but remember this is a business and has to be taken seriously..nothing comes from nothing!!

So what do you need ?..and what don’t you need?

1) You dont need to be an internet guru or techno freak all seeing and doing robot!

2) You dont need to be an absolute genius!

3) You dont need to invest in some magic beans that make a money tree grow in your back yard!!

4) You dont need to be a graduate of money tactics and growth forums!

What you do need is..

1) Be open and teachable..and invest time and money in your new project

2) Be Coachable..see things differently and take on board new concepts for developing your mindset and skill sets..

3) Have something that drives you..pulls you..motivates you to get out of bed everyday..

4) Find a role model to emulate and have a mind so hungry for success your life depends on it!!

Personally no 4 is the biggest thing you will ever need to succeed online but the others are vital to your success here….   :)

You need to develop a skill to dominate the market and turn browsers into buyers..this can only be done with training and guidance from some of the best Mentors out there..for me that’s been here at Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy..with Co Founders and trail blazers in this industry  Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. I could not fail to get the best there is out there..regarding top tier education training and guidance along with exceptional products and services..this was only gained by being a customer first and sampling the I am speaking from  personal experience as an Elite Member and an affiliate..

1622545_10202538890065373_1880342644_o Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross Co Founders of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

The gurus of this industry create these platforms and pay premium prices for the work even 10′s of thousands after all they are not all gurus some of them are newbies like you and me..they all started somewhere ..saw a vision and ran with it..their experience is priceless when your just starting look for a platform where you have access to the co founders..movers and shakers..get the purest information from the top income earners and take as much value from them as they can give’s all for your benefit to succeed..make time to listen and learn..your future self will so thank you for it believe me!!

This platform enabled me to be trained..educated and primed to go out and build my own Coaching Business whereby I put all the tools and training into my own platform and built my own empire in the coaching world..its early days for me..but the training and education never ends and it has been the lifeblood to my this is a lifetime commitment for me..and as its another vital part of my online empire income, its important that I receive the best information and tools out there..but they are not researched or developed or created by me..the tech team work hard to bring the best tools and training to your device daily..and the marketing team give you up to the minute sales training and provide all the tools for implementation….they are all brought to me through this platform here at Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy…I can create my own Web pages..domain names….landing pages..sales’s truly endless what is supplied and all in The Digital Business Lounge seeking out all the different aspects of marketing they are there at your fingertips you can be up and running in an hour….and this works for busy people like you and me..we dont have to know the how..we just have to know the WHY..thus saving myself thousands of pounds paying someone else to create my online all comes included in the membership fee paid its all taken care of in one place. I have a back office within this platform that notifies me of any training products..commissions..webinars contact that makes this platform second to none..everything you need is right here..all you have to do is bring your ideas talents and gifts..and get to’s like being a kid at a sweet shop!!      :)

Many new and accomplished companies appear on the net daily advertising their programs and some discuss the success that can be made and how you can be financially building your own Internet Marketing Business. so much out there its very overwhelming for some..and I was one of them 3 years ago..I was seeking out another way of making an income..I wanted to live my life with  more time freedom..income generated by things I enjoyed doing..not being stuck to one paycheck at the end of the month..and also to live anywhere I choose..for me this business has ticked all the boxes..but that’s just me..what about you?

Ask your self what do you really want out of life..

If your seeking another way of living and being..a secure future for your family or perhaps just wanting to travel and fund it when ever you like..then perhaps you should consider changes.. changes that will give you leverage of time..multiple incomes streams..and a happier life in general..don’t let the past determine your future..expand your horizons in the ways of doing Business on the Internet..but before you do take a look into how this operates..

In a month from now you can be nothing but 30 days older or you can be on your way to building a life on your terms the DECISION IS YOURS!   :)

I look forward to you joining me here..making your life changes together..see you soon

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Jill :)

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