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Sea of Change 2012/14 2 years on with SFM/DEA time for Reflection..

My 2 Years in reverse..starting with now!!

And now up to date with today and 2 years on reflection time with SFM/DEA. Where do I really start,?  another year of personal growth and understanding of technical platforms, advertising ..website building and Mindset creations with a new Business Partner Srinivas Pabbaraju a Finance Coach within SFM/DEA and Founder Black Member. We are Founders of Success Alliance Strategies SAS.fm helped by my son Tom with Podcasts and graphics ..We met at a Momentum Day back in May of this year ever since then we have been progressing ever forward with new training platforms of our own regarding emotions and self belief..limiting beliefs and Finance Coaching and formulating new digital products for the training market in personal growth and development. So much research this year for me into my branding and authentic self.  Heart searching and finding where does my true purpose in life lie..who am I and what message do I want to bring to the world. Sounds deep but that’s where I have gone down this year a real finding me time. I am excited for 2015 beyond my wildest dreams. New location..new country..new life, and so much abundance of love people and help around me which has helped me carry it through.  I would not have discovered all this had it have been a different outcome. I could have stayed in a mindset of a victim, told a story of woe and made it an excuse not to step out of my comfort zone, become a hider from success, ever blaming my circumstances for my life being anything other than happy.

For me that wasn’t an option I wanted more..I wanted to be a part of something BIG..to be recognized for being a life mover and shaker and joining the new digital revolution of changes.  As I sit here today I realize how far I have come, how much I now know and how much I can contribute to this new world we are stepping into. It has so many opportunities to offer if you just take time to look and do your due diligence. For me it was all made possible by this platform of Mentors as our co Founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are the trail blazers backed by a team of incredible givers and teachers each eager to see others progress and grow and thrive!! The fellow members are my family and together we are a strong community bonded by making life a better place to be and living it on our terms. Here’s to 2015 and all it has to give us. may it be the best year yet for you and your family. Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to you all !!   :)

 A year on….

Moving on through that year of change and here we are again, my trusted four footed friend ever faithful by my side whinging as she always does when the video camera rolls.  :)

So progression was made. I still didn’t totally understand the concept of the business here at SFM, however I was working with and being helped by some amazing people who I grew to view as my virtual family. As time progressed I went to London took my Life Coach Course, went to my very first Momentum Day at Heathrow M4 J4 and met Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek and other members of the this life changing platform which was ever evolving and changing before my eyes..it was becoming such a forefront part in my personal growth and life expectations, truly making me feel I had something I could call my true purpose in life, what an incredible day it was back in Sept 2013 From then my life shifted up another level of belief, and hope was instilled in me to keep moving growing and learning all I could so that I could help others do the same. I started to feel alive again and truly excited about my future..a very far cry from the previous year which was so dark, I feared I would never actually be happy again. That year I decided to make so many changes, I lost 30 LBS got extremely fit in mind and body and got totally committed to gaining as much education on Mindset Training as I could. Most of my personal development was gained over the past 20 years in various positions including Stress Management Consultancy and Sports Therapy Practice while living in London for 18 years. Now regaining my momentum within SFM for personal growth and development was paramount to my future. The new digital revolution was beginning to make its place felt in my life..never before had it existed to me..so all new bright and shiny!!

I also went to my first event by Tony Robbins at UPW in London this rocked my inner coaches core and I enrolled on Tony’s SI (Strategic Intervention ) Graduation Course stepping up again another level..the journey was getting richer by the minute. So much happening so much coming my way. Learning all about The Law of Attraction through some great teachers and speakers was for me the biggest turning point of my life, encouraging me to move ever upward with my dreams hopes and desires. From a place of being so far from where I was before to here at this point in time, so much had to be changed, let go of, and refocused.


My very First Video..

How dark my life was 2 years ago, when I watch this now the memories of feeling so empty..so vulnerable..so raw..fearful scared and lonely..tear ridden eyes from watching my dear mum fade and pass away. Christmas for me was an absolute blur to be honest. Mum passed away 25th November on a cold rainy moonlight Sunday night at 8:50pm. it was peaceful and I held her to me. Her last breath told me I was now alone no parents..no brothers or sisters, but a beautiful 10 year old son awaiting his mums arrival home, with the news he knew I was coming home with, that his dear nanny had gone to heaven. So much going through my mind in these dark cold days. The feeling of being on autopilot, and just going through all the emotions which swept me away with the pain of it all sometimes.

Admitting that this would have taken me too if it had not been for my son. 12 years previous the love of my life left this world and I returned home to my mother here in Wales. Her health grew delicate and I stayed to take care of her and bring up my son. We had time to reflect on so much and time to watch her become a grandmother and cherish every moment her grandson would say “NANNY”  her eyes would light up and Tom would run into her arms and she would squeeze him tight and tell him she loved so much..saying “Do you really know how much Nanny loves you”…thank god for those days although troublesome in many ways, we made the best of them together as a family. I thank god we spent this time together and I was totally there for her 24/7 which I cannot lie was a challenge as she became ever the suffering  scared and alone victim of Dementia ..

I faced the prospect now of inheriting a large family house, of taking over the family home and being totally responsible and reliant to keep everything going and survive. This was a major move for me. I spent time on line during the August of 2012 and found SFM no DEA then. I wanted something I could do from home so I could be there for Tom. This was a journey which I took my first step on in November 2012.  This was the beginning ………Towards the end of 2012 new concepts were happening SFM/become SFM/DEA with an introduction to Digital Experts Academy with Jay Kubassek joining the ranks..with this new platform the business was evolving ever greater toward new growth and prospects for the future it was to say the least a time of great changes


This is an up close and personal interview with me.

.explaining a little about my background and my purpose in life

Thank you Srinivas Pabbaraju for adding me to your

collection of awesome member interviews here in the SFM/DEA


Hello and thanks for stopping by here!


This is my about me page..and I will share some of my life history here with you so as you can get a picture of who I am and why I am here with you right this moment.. Something you have seen or perhaps read about me has brought you here..so its my job to share some experiences so as you know a little of my background..before you perhaps take a step forward to making a decision to working with me here at the Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy. sit back and I will explain what my life has been like up to this moment we have met here.. I am a Baby Boomer born in 1957..to a hard working family of givers . My grandmother was an Entrepreneur and lived in a 2 up 2 down little house..bringing up her 4 children as best she could..doing 4 jobs and being a full time mother she set her hopes higher and contacted a local letting agency to look at bigger properties as she wanted to have a Bed and Board Residence in our town…so this she did and a couple of months later she held the keys to a four story house ..with no furniture and in a pretty poor state of decor.. she gathered all she could together..painted and cleaned and scrubbed and got this house ready to take in boarders..as time went on she opened a basement restaurant in this house and had a very busy life feeding and caring for nearly 4000 troops stationed here, she was kept busy with her guests and taking in refugees during the war..she cooked for school children who could not afford their school lunches..she gave greatly with her time and contribution the the town and all its fund raising events..my grandfather being a blacksmith by trade held a responsible job in the local gas works..my mother her sister and brother all were brought up here..my uncle lost his life during a sortie over Oslo in 1941..he was a pilot officer with 161 Squadron in the RAF..Thomas William Challoner..my grandmother was left with two children my mother and her sister…after the death of my partner in 1999 I returned home to this homestead to look after my mother who passed away in 2012..I have remained here ever since..and here I am now in the top right hand bedroom which was my bedroom when a child..and now my office.. writing this page of my history…I feel I am blessed to have returned to this home to now start my new life..I am grateful to my grandparents for the decisions they made which now reflect on my life at this moment in time.

. My life has literally come round in full circle..here I sit at my desk telling you my journey..isn’t it ironic how life can lead you right back to where you started..and this is were my new chapter has begun.. My life started in Aberystwyth on a day in October that the floods where bad..my mother  had a pretty tough time carrying me and the birth was not an easy one..and at one stage my father was informed that he may never see me and to be aware that this may not be the outcome he had so hoped for..but I and my mother survived thanks to a surgeon ..and my father got to hold me 48hrs later after my birth and he was elated to have a daughter. My upbringing and childhood were free and easy living by the coast and being the only daughter I was spoilt and loved to capacity…as my parents where doing well with the family business more property was purchased and my mother relocated to the end terrace house which was converted into a Restaurant and self contained flat..my grandmothers ideas where always fruitful ones with purpose and passion she always succeeded as her main aim in life was to make others happy..to the day she died she fulfilled her dreams and aims. My grandparents lived with us which meant as my parents worked full time ( my mother in the Fish and Chip Restaurant and my father a Carpenter/joiner running his own business) I was able to have time with my grandmother who taught me how to cook and sew..make do and mend..she was my mentor and my best friend..life with my grandmother was always a special occasion..she was fun and fiesty and always making things and bringing others love and care..if everyone else was happy and fed then my grandmothers mission was accomplished

I went to the primary school here in Tywyn a little seaside town on the Cardigan Bay Coast..my growing up was fun and filled with several people who I adored and cherished..being in such a beautiful part of the world we were free to roam the fields and coastline..we saw no fear and felt everyone cared about us..totally oblivious to the outside world and all its dangers..my fotei was story writing and telling which always made my father laugh as he said I did excel in this! maths and science not really my cup of tea..but Biology and french I really enjoyed.. I went to the Grammer School and didnt really enjoy my education as I felt it really stifled me..I wanted more dance classes and drama classes but alas never happened.. I left there and went to A Technical College in Dolgellau where I studied Business Studies 2 Year Diploma..my fathers wishes where for me to have a secure job in a bank or secretarial office and at that time these finance and banking establishments were the most solid environments to work. I left school and started working with my mother in her shop which she had changed into a Boutique when I was 9..she wanted a complete change and after a family discussion this had the go ahead..again the family all pulled together..my father built all the interior to my mothers specifications..and another dream of hers was accomplished with my father and grandmother property owners and partners..

I married and left home in 1978 and moved to North Wales..the most unhappiest time of my life..so it will get no mention here..all I can say is hitting 21 was a life changing experience for me..and I learnt how to cope with very little ..friendships and love were got from new people I met..and jobs were sporadic..but always my escape fund was topped up when ever possible.. I divorced in 1984 and moved to Prestatyn in North Wales..I had started working with Next Retail and gained some life experiences..I gained the position of Satellite Merchandise Co’ordinator I traveled around opening all the new stores for next with a team of display junkies..this was the best time of my life with Next..I stayed in hotels for 4 nights every week..working 24/7 to get the new stores ready for opening..( I lived out of a suitcase for 2 years)..then home back to my flat for one day off usually spent sleeping and one day instore working normally a Saturday….

I then relocated to London and changed my direction completely..I worked and trained in recruitment with Reed Employment Stratford E15 and from there moved to Astral House in Liverpool Street..this meant I was a permanent staff recruiter for banking and finance institutions..this gave me a taste for wanting to help people working in a stressful environment..and from here embarked on a whole new career in Holistic Therapy. I trained and qualified as a Personal Trainer..dealing with all massage for sports injuries..gym management 1 to 1 training assessments.and all things to do with body movement..I took and passed my Anatomy and Physiology..I then set up a clinic of my own in the East End of London working from home..the funding of all this was gained from working for promotion companies..exhibitions ..and band crowd control..where ever the work I would do it..the money was brilliant and meant I could take a week off every month and just relax.I was thriving but always tired.. On meeting a wonderful guy I gave up my travelling shows and settled down with him..we had three businesses together..distribution..project management..and a courier business..life was full and we would go to Spain and Germany on holiday breaks..he was a professional musician..and a class personality..and we had hit the jack pot finding each other..till one cold December night back in 1999..I held him while he took his last breath..this was my life over with..I didn’t want to carry on..we’d had seven fantastic years together and he had worked so hard to get us a life we so wanted..this in the end killed him..

Thanks to the warmth and friendship of close people..I did survive..I came home here to Wales to this house where I am sat now at this desk writing this..in the year 2000 ..with a heart so heavy and a need to not bother living any more..slowly I found a reason to carry on..I past my driving test..had a relationship which was destructive ..but out of that darkness was born a lovely baby boy..who is now 11..his childhood was full of caring for my mother and constant battles with his father..eventually we parted and life took on a whole new meaning..my mother was in the early stages of dementia..this was the cruelest of blows and I had to come to terms with the fact she would get progressively worse..this was the most heart wrenching time for me and my son..as we were loosing my mum and his grandmother..she survived a serious fall..and lived in darkness fear and inner turmoil for another 2 years..until she died in a nursing home in 2012.. My life was now completely different..and I had a responsibility to my son to make sure he was cared for and brought up to value people and not things..as I was..from loving and giving..sharing and caring..I started my life as a newly qualified Life Coach in March 2013..and became a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur in Nov 2012 with The Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy..this coaching and education platform gave me the reason to go on with my life..gave me a will to change..so many changes and so many new skillsets and a new mind set to change have now taken me to new pastures and an exciting journey of discovering new ways of living my life on my terms….which is what I called my new Coaching Company I set up in March 2013..Mindsettochange.com…the friendships and love I have developed within this community is a vital lifeblood to me..these friendships have come about from  like minded people finding a way of wanting to help others succeed in life.

Here’s to your continued success..

Jill Humphreys

So this brings me to now and this moment..here I am starting a new chapter..a new relationship..a new place we are moving to..a completely new start..I will post updates here.. Thanks for reading..if your reading this part you are still with me.. :) Looking back at my life it has been full of life’s lessons, some learnt the hard way..some came easy to me..those I learnt the hard way have given me the most true gifts..and even though many were seemingly so dark and helpless..the light and love I discovered when the storm had passed has forever given me a new cause and purpose to give back and grow from my experiences..and contribute and help those who helped me..

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