An Evening with Jay Kubassek!!

10 Years… 10 Lessons..with Jay Kubassek

Hello and a warm welcome here to my latest post. Last Friday evening I was priviledged to spend some quality time with Jay Kubassek on a Training Webinar for Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy 90 Day Challenge. What is this I hear you ask and who is Jay Kubassek?? I have included a link below his picture.. Jay Kubassek has been in my life for the past 2 years as a Mentor and is one of the Co founders with Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy. Jay is a very successful Digital Entrepreneur earning millions in his businesses and teaching others to do the same. He has been in the online marketing business for the last 10 years and together with Stuart Ross  ( other Co Founder ) has put together an affiliate and re sell program that excells all others out there, for marketing tools coaching and education to ensure a successful outcome when starting out building your own online Digital Business. Jay has a wealth of knowledge about marketing and being successful online as well as failing and how he came back again from losing all and turned his life around both professionally and personally. His life has had many challenges and there is a certain special quality to his stories that resonates with many of his online and offline students..and that is why I have chosen to share some of Jay’s lesson’s he has learnt from 10 years in this industry with you..


Let me introduce you to Jay Kubassek here:

Well before we start can I just say I respect your time and in this manic world we dont have much of it, so this is my point here today that this article is especially here for you. Those who have a life generating education coaching and learning for others..perhaps your management or corporate..a leader or even self employed which encapsulates all of the aforementioned .  We all start with why we are doing this and expectations for a good lifestyle are set. As a leader and a mentor do you share your lessons learnt with your following or even employee’s ?? so as to help them look deeper into their own lives and perhaps help them deal with any aspects thats not really working for them or their not looking into see thats what happens in this community almost every time we share time with our mentors as they want us to be successful to. Through the power of sharing stories and experiences we learn just that!

You see I have been a member of this educational platform at the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy for the last 2 years and I have found that for me personally the most transformational moments in my life are when these special training events with Stuart or Jay take place! Why?? well when multi millionaires share their time and deepest most concepts they found helped them when building a business or what made some major changes in their lives..I sit up  and take notice!! mainly because I am learning how to do this myself and have little experience as such, but I want to know what helps us when making decisons that affect our lives every single day..and how do we incorporate them into our own lives. Every week we share over 1 to 2 hours of pure golden nuggets of secret sauce to success  from the heart, and this was no exception which is why I think its so necessary to share them with you. so go get a beer or a coffee or beverage of your choice and be amazed at what the most powerful 10 Lessons in 10 years taught Jay. I use my notes here from the Webinar and also incorporate Jay’s words and feelings, others I add are my own words and interpretation.


Jay explained that when building an online business we should always start with the end result first..i.e. how many many applications etc do you need to reach your income target.  Being focused on this will give you a guideline as to where you want to be..working out the action plan you want to put into place as to generate the income you require.. ( Big shock horror for me here!! I personally never did this..reverse engineering is something I have learnt being a part of this education platform , but then this is why I need Mentors like Jay!! I really dont have to know everything!! but be reachable teachable and coachable)


Jay explains that this is the secret to financial success. We settle for what we think we  deserve!! We have a glass ceiling that we cap off!!..a thermostat that is stuck!! Financial success should come easy! How well do you know your worth?? You will settle for what your given..and heres the paradigm shift!! Who tells you how much your worth?? Its a discovery process. First make a list of all of your life experiences within your job..How much time and money have you invested into your life and education. Whats skill sets have you learnt from good and bad experiences ?. How has it changed your character ?..what value did it add to your life.? see Jay explained that our life experiences and wealth of knowledge we have may not have been monetized yet..we are all worth way more!..we need to have a more heightened awareness of our unique skills..What are the 50 to 100 coolest things you have done and what did you learn from them?..Jay explained that working out what our strengths are and playing to them is the winners way. We have so many advantages within the Digital Market as we have technology at our fingertips so that we can leverage our time and money..multi million dollar business is there for the taking. Chances are we are not taking advantage of whats right before us because we may not be aware of it. or are too scared to learn new things.. ( I always looked upon this question as monetary worth, but now see it as a very different that I can now see how I can do this through learning other skill sets to do with technology but also by using my strengths and abilites and how I can greatly change my worth for what I can do! )  Has technology or the digital world changed yours??


Complexity Kills!! making your life sustainable and simple..the KISS method ( Keep it Stupidly Simple ) should be adopted to all aspects of your  business and if possible your life! 80% of your time and energy should be in be in creative and productive mode on lead generation and accumulation of applicants or subsribers or both..the rest of the time in relationship building with your clients and giving value and service.. We over complicate and overwhelm ourselves. We need to keep it simple.. Focus on the right things then the money will come in as a byproduct of your production ..positioning is the key factor. Jay went on to explain a simple way of stepping back from your business and working out a way of keeping your life simple by asking yourself ” What do you have to do with your time and energy to create your world”? What can you strip away..go back to 2: KNOW YOUR WORTH..Simplicity is the key do you have a plan?..if not its costing you!! We sometimes think struggle should be present! When you get these 3 things right in your head .. all these other complexities fall by the way side. (Now I dont know about you but complexity sure ruined many of my plans as I just went into overwhelm and sometimes thought it was me being uneducated …not the sharpest knife in the box!..etc  just didnt understand all this as it wasnt for me..since learning so much about the art of simplicity I have been majorly happy with my life and business it was no one else but me that made it complicated. I thought life and business where separate entities but now I see that doesnt have to be. Life can be simple and lived to the full..take away all that stress and complicated stuff and it gets a whole lot more fun  :) ) do you agree??


Jay often gets asked “What’s your passion” What are you passionate about..?? now this isnt an easy question for Jay as he is passionate about so many things such as his children..chosen sports..his work etc..but Jay actually sees passion as a reward.. a good feeling..when you feel fired up about something..your intensity rises ..your in your groove in your zone!! That “I love my life” feeling.. Thats the reward when your doing the right things to a vision and a purpose..when you know your worth and you respect yourself you cant help but feel passion when your on the right path. Passion finds you ..dont look for passion to be there first it finds you on purpose and alignment it grows with you. Take action to passion . Your blueprint to life motivate’s you drives  works together to compound your life over time ..when you have tremendous passion nothing can separate you from it… which is a result of living a purposeful life.  (This struck home for me..I am a passionate person and find my writing and work with my clients in my coaching business a huge passion for me..and yes my reward is seeing my clients over come challenges and move on to live empowered lives..and yes Jay is right ..I am doing the right thing and being in alignment with my purpose..strange but never before had I even thought about passion being a reward for the things you loved doing..I had always thought you had to have the passion first!! )   another lesson well and truly learned here..


This is a byproduct of the reward when we are happy we get rewarded with the happy chemical Dopemine, so by doing what we should have done we get happy..we are in alignment with our values …we have big breakthroughs ..feeling of gratitude..Balance =work the end result make it a priority to be happy..people who are happy are up to 30 to 40% more productive ..millions of dollars a year are lost through people being stressed out of balance and just can’t afford to be unhappy..Make it a guiding principle you live by ..or you will become reactive without it..get big on an efficent happy life. Lets take your Physical health which is broken down into 2 Diet and the other Fitness..these combine your emotional health..Your mind is your biggest asset you cannot afford not to be happy ..otherwise you come from lack no inspiration or one will come near will not attract anyone to your business or your life..what you give out is what you get back. (Another lightbulb moment for me here..when being desperate to create sales and money, dont come from lack!! strange thing also is I put up with my mind taking away my worth..or at least my self talk..which in turn took away my happiness..they are all interlinked..we cant separate the mind from the body!! it works as one. when I understood this so much changed in my life..and for the better..) has this happened to you?


Jay explained that to him giving more was caring more and they were both equal.  What is it that we most admire about a Business mentor, is it that they give more or care more or both..what do you respect about them or see the two go hand in hand. You have to be in a relationship with someone who cares.. Do you care enough about yourself? If you do you now have the capacity to care for someone..You can’t care for someone else first if you dont care or love yourself.  Exchange of value..people dont care how much you know till they know how much you care..and when they do they will do business with you..they will come into your life..its the secret sauce if you will of attraction you really give a shit? you see emotional investment is the strength to your personality and it attracts like minded cant please everyone but if you sleep well at night then things are as they should be and your doing everything in your power to care and give service and value in your business. If not then get clear on do you care enough?..the type of people you attract ..your self respect..are you reactive or proactive..develop your skills .. do what moves you to take action..whether its exercise or walking..just get all the pieces together  and take control, feel good and happy that way you will be the best you.. you can be..but it all starts with you!! ( Several Bosses and work collegues I have encountered in my life experiences I did not respect and because of this was out on a limb if I was seen to be over helpful!! or too this is where we all need to see the bigger picture when building an online or offline people will tell you when the service is good but they will tell all their friends when the service is bad!!)  have you experience of this?


What are your character traits ?? Jay urges us all go out and find them and then question them….step up your game..demand more out of yourself.. what accountability level can you put into place to ensure you do more..demand more of yourself..ask more questions.. Dont let your ego or image or belief system or your opinions get in the way or be your guide, chances are if your not getting the results you want in your life you are not demanding enough on changes that you have to make..if your defensive your guard is up..resent or resist it wont serve you…. Be right or be happy!!..  you dont get to be lonely and happy at the same time! Never stop growing ..stop holding on to a non serving identity ..Ask yourself.. I want to know how I could be better..strengthen my integrity give myself a challenge to grow! No way will you be happy and healthy if you dont question things..stop the complacency!!  ( Another moment to savor here! demand more of myself is something I always did within my sport..but business or if I am honest not really especially while working for others who didnt respect me..however now its a whole different ball game..without this I would not be here typing this tonight ..I demanded more and asked more questions…quality questions and I got a load of quality information back that enables me to grow all the time) what about your feelings on this?


Be honest and accept your authentic self..Jay says being who you are and not what others want you to be is self empowering and freeing..You are not perfect and admit no longer have to be the person you need to be.. thats the secret to success being authentic and the REAL THING..THE REAL DEAL..stop trying to be the best version of yourself..Who you are is who you are..emotional attachment with others means you resonate with them form relationships with them..they like you and will do buiness with happy to give you money..and want to work with you..if you fake it till you make it it will fail..being on a path of least resistance to solve any issues..if your upset you need to speak from the heart..beat down regret ..stop looking for approval ..saying yes to others rules..being true to ourselves, go with it whats to lose?..Values and happiness not afraid to FAIL..Dancing to someone else’s tune has to stop..being authentic is sexy..attractive..self expression..there is nothing better!! ( I loved this lesson he shared because for me this was the biggest hurdle I would jump..I was always subserviant ..true to others feelings..respectful of what other people liked..which meant my real self stayed screaming inside..begging to come out..all my passion energy and time seemed to be given away to others..I was a GOOD GIRL..always did as I was asked was a life lived through others though thanks to changes and a mindset to win attitude my life is totally different..I talk my authentic truth and am my authentic did take work but was so worth it.. ) have you found being your authentic self has been a obstacle?


This one Jay says is where your in direct control of ..EAT IT OWN IT..What motivates us to do what we have to do..?? Discipline ..Passion Priority ..Hustle will come automatically ..Hustle comes naturally when your in alignment with your life purpose you know there is nothing else!! ..Do you have Hustle?? Force Yourself to think what would give you Hustle?..what stops you getting Hustle.?.Do I have the Hustle? remember complacency KILLS!! Dont let yourself off the hook..Daily and weekly work to create projects and in turn come bad do you want them? Do you have Hustle?  keep asking yourself …GO FIND IT..Good enough is on borrowed time!! ( I now understand the meaning of always brings the words of a song to mind..hustle for another dollar..finding my passion and alignment meant Hustle came naturally as I knew if I didnt do it it wouldnt get done!!) Do you have Hustle? if so what drives it you?


What ever life you live you have to maintain some kind of have to prioritise your… work ..which ever is important to you personally. You have to have some kind of harmonious and effortless simplifying ..being your true authentic self..appreciate all your strengths and think long term , teach yourself balance with money.. be obligated to figuring it out..take necessary steps to find it..take all steps to being efficent..and extract the max from it..

To finish Jay shared this with us..Fail your way forward..10 years will come and go..make them your best..make them your most productive..make them your blueprint to success..Dont let a good crisis go to waste..learn from it and grow..Dont wait for anything to come to you go out and get it!!

I always come away from my training with that extra piece of the jigsaw that I needed..and so I wanted to give you an inside peek into what is shared on these trainings here with the SFM/DEA as I feel these lessons may help you to,  no matter what walk of life your in..

Thank you for joining me here..if you enjoyed the blog please leave a comment and share with people who you think would benefit from it..

I love feedback so please share your opionions on these valuable lessons Jay has shared with us. :) I am sure you will agree that when we share with others what has worked and what we found to be the best carries you forward on your path when building your own business or when working alongside others to work towards success.

Here’s to your continued success..

Jill Humphreys

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