Whats the Message behind your Message…



Hello and welcome to my video library on mindset changes when starting an online business..

When you send out your marketing adds what goes out with this message and where are you in energy terms and mental state ??
what is your message behind your message..

If your coming from desperation or lack..then this is going to be reflected in your adds..they are going to have a vibration all of their own even though they dont get touched!!
and many will avoid them all together..

My favorite story from Joe Vitale..was when he was approached by a guy wanting his help to advertise his seminar..Joe did several thousand flyers..boxed them up for the couriers collection.

2 days later Joe had a call from the guy stating he was ecstatic as his seminar had sold out..all thanks to Joe’s work on his add..

Joe when seeing the boxes still there and no one had picked them up for delivery to the distributors suddenly realized that the ten plate for the flyer had been put on the website and people had just gone from that and booked..Joe when visiting the event asked people to fill out a questionnaire about the advert..i.e what drew you to attend..i e colors used ..words etc..all the answers came back ..we just felt it was right..we needed to be there regardless of the funds..we just knew it would be good for us to attend the seminar..and they were all feeling the love gone into the add..

As Joe had spent time with the speaker and got to know him ..he had put love..intention and gratitude for what he had to offer in the add..and people just felt it..

Now you may think this is crazy but believe me its true..when you give your adds your belief..your service value and quality..this will come back to you..each time you press that button and send it out into the ether..send it out with..the knowledge that this will help others..this will reach the people that want to work with me and I them..already see the team you will have ..already know they are out there just waiting for this add..thoughts do become things..and what you give out you get back..

The Law of Attraction works all of the time..with no rest days..or time off..24/7 it watches and listens and matches your frequency of emotions..believe in you and the business your in..put love and integrity and come from your highest good and concern for all those involved..this is a pure message that will resonate with so many..we just dont see the power behind the intention..but the power is infact vast!! everything you touch ..create or develop do it with love and gratitude..and this in return will be rewarded..

Thanks for watching..

Here’s to your continued success..

Jill Humphreys

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